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8月 29, 2017: OTIP Removes Acupuncture Coverage for Ontario Teachers

Contact your local school board representative, and make them aware of the concerns that your patients have regarding this change. Use the following link to find your representative: http://www.etfo.ca/aboutetfo/governance/pages/locals.aspx

5月 4, 2017: ETCMA Newsletter April 2017 – What’s new at ETCMA

Dear Colleagues,

We had a harmonious and strong General Assembly (GA) in Tel Aviv in March this year and were shown great hospitality by the IATCM (Israeli Association Of TCM). Of course, this year not all representatives from our member associations were able to travel to the GA. There were major changes in the executive committee as 5 members of the EC stood down from the EC and 4 new members to date have been elected.

I had the honour of being elected President and I am pleased to have such a great EC to work with.

Let me share some thoughts about the current situation of the ETCMA:

The ETCMA has a good standing. ととも​​に 25 associations as members representing about 14000 practitioners we are the largest TCM umbrella society in Europe. We are proud to represent so many, but it is also a big task to explain to our member organisations’ EC members and each practitioner that the costs required to fulfil and expand our tasks is a useful investment for all of us. We feel that the ETCMA currently has good interaction with the presidents and representatives of our member organisations and we will work to improve our communication channels .

With in mind we took the opportunity in Tel Aviv to work together on our new Strategic Plan for 2017-2020. We aspire to achieve a mutual ownership of our goals.

We want to share our insights on organisational, political and research issues as well as on burning issues like the regulation of Chinese herbs and China’s TCM policy in Europe. This will be done via newsletters, the website and meetings at the GA and TCM Kongress Rothenburg. The strength of our members is the strength of ETCMA.

We strive to support our member associations but we also need to find a way to reach the individual practitioner. We wish to support the daily work of the practitioner and explain our policies to make a safer future of our profession.

In spite of differing regulatory frameworks, languages and cultural assets, there is definitely more that unites us than divides us to work on!

Wishing us the very best
Gerd Ohmstede

President ECTMA





Read more of the newsletter こちら.

4月 4, 2017: CMAAC副大統領は、WHOの会議に出席します


教授. 呉Bingjiang, CMAACの副社長とOCTCMの社長, 北米の代表としてWHOによって招待されました (米国 & カナダ) 編集のための会議に出席し、「Tuinaに練習のためのWHOベンチマーク」の文書を承認します. の合計 21 代表 (6人のTuinaの専門家を含みます, オステオパシー, 5タイ風、韓国風マッサージセラピスト), より多くの 10 から政府関係者 12 国は、会議に出席しました. 文書が承認されていたら、, 「Tuinaでの練習のためのベンチマークは、」WHO国際標準になるだろう.













1月 31, 2017: CMAAC条に関するメンバーからのフィードバックを受け取ります, “国家リスク談話…”

先週, CMAACは、記事へのリンクをリリース: 国家リスク談話と伝統的な医学知識の規制保全: オンタリオ州の鍼治療の場合, カナダ. 私たちはこの問題について自分の考えや経験を提供するいくつかのメンバーからのフィードバックを受けました, そして、透明性のために, 我々は、受信したフィードバックをリリースしています.


1月 6, 2017: 博士. ロジャース賞パイオニア賞

補完代替医療の卓越性のためのパイオニア賞 (カム): の受信者として名前ファイブカナダの医師 $50,000 パイオニア賞

バンクーバー, BC (1月 4, 2017): 博士. 相補で優秀ロジャース賞と代替医療が博士の受賞者を発表しています. ロジャース賞パイオニア賞. ヘルスケアの5カナダの指導者たちは、患者ケアへの献身の生涯の認識に国際審査員によって選ばれました, 多くの場合、逆境に直面して. 各受信者は、賞金を受け取ることになります $50,000 金曜日にトロントでフェアモントロイヤルヨークで開催されるガラアワードディナーでのCAD, 2月 24, 2017.


10月 27, 2016: EU/US/Canada Meeting

TCM and Acupuncture organisations from Europe, the United States, and Canada met in San Diego on October 27th to discuss current topics among TCM/A practitioners.


9月 28, 2016: TCM for TELUS Health eClaims & World Widlife Federation Campaign

Register for the free TELUS Health eClaims service by December 31, 2016 and TELUS will donate $25 to the World Wildlife Federation (up to a maximum of $2,500) to support the promotion of sustainable traditional Chinese medicine and the protection of endangered species such as tigers and rhinoceros.

eClaims lets you submit acupuncture claims on behalf of your patients to 10 leading insurance companies covering 85% of privately insured Canadians. By offering eClaims to your acupuncture patients, you are reducing their out-of-pocket expenses and eliminating their need to deal with insurance claims.

You save on debit and credit card fees by only charging your clients their deductible, receive quick payment from insurers (most via direct deposit) and you get listed on the eClaims provider search tool, available on many insurer plan member portals – that’s free marketing!


6月 2016: Acupuncture at a Pain Clinic (Acupuncture Today)

Pain is the most comprehensive human experience. The experience of pain is associated with the somatic, emotional and social impact. Pain has not only somatic symptoms, but also psycho-social dimension, especially in case of chronic pain. In addition to its negative aspects (deprivation of various size), is pain in its acute form a significant positive element in the form of a warning signal to the body.

5月 25, 2016: First clinical trial to study use of Chinese Herbal Medicines in treating Urinary Tract Infections

Researchers at the University of Southampton are to study the use of Chinese Herbal Medicines in treating recurrent urinary tract infections (RUTIs), in the first clinical trial of its kind in the UK. The study aims to assess whether herbal medicines could play a valuable role in replacing some antibiotic treatments for appropriate conditions.



3月 16, 2016: Traditional Healing: Modern Medicine’s friend or foe?:

Traditional medicine in its many forms has proven to be an effective treatment for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – one of the biggest health burdens for developing countries. NCDs, such as heart disease, ストローク, cancer and chronic lung disease, kill more than 36 million people each year と 80% of the deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries. HTTP://www.theguardian.com



10月 5, 2015: CNN News: 3 Scientists share Nobel Prize for medicine for work on Parasitic diseases – Researcher Trained in TCM Awarded Nobel Prize for Medicine

Breaking News! The Nobel Prize for medicine has been jointly awarded to two scientists for their work on diseases caused by parasites and another for her research into the treatment of malaria. The winners are William Campbell of Ireland and Satoshi Omura of Japan, who discovered a new drug to treat parasitic diseases, and Youyou Tu of China, who used Chinese herbal medicine to find a new kind of antimalarial agent. HTTP://cnn.it/1MU0OhE

Watch video こちら

More about Youyou Tu and her article: The discovery of artemisinin (qinghaosu) and gifts from Chinese medicine

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Fox News: Controlling arthritis pain with an ancient treatment

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6月 23, 2015; CNN News: Acupuncture may be antidote for allergies


[BBC Documentary] The Science of Acupuncture – 伝統的な漢方薬


抗生物質耐性: 伝統的な中国医学缶防止流行

10月. 2013 抗生物質耐性: TCM缶防止流行

2012, 世界保健機関: 今後は伝統医学のための健康を探しています



7. 26, 2013, Globe and Mail紙: 代替案? うつ病のcounselligほど良く鍼, 研究では、見つかった



Sept.28, 2013, BBCニュース: カーディフ·北京大学: 中国医学のがん治療の希望


Acupuncture and TCM in UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity – 2010

Study: Acupuncture helps soothe pain

Video on msnbc.com: Data from 29 separate studies of 18,000 people confirms what many people already swear by: acupuncture works, especially for treatment of body back and neck pain, arthritis and headaches. NBC’s Brian Williams reports

5月 2014: グリーンリビングショー



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