PLAR Workshop 2016

PLAR 4 Emily, Joanne, Cedric

艾米丽翔, 乔安妮普里查德-Sobhani, 塞德里克翔


PLAR 2 Jane, Elsa & students

Steve Hwang, Elsa Guo, 张靓颖, Sani Monfared

PLAR 3 Yifiang, Emily, Cedric, Joanne, Jane, Jackie, Elsa

易方田, 艾米丽翔, 塞德里克翔, 乔安妮普里查德-Sobhani, 张靓颖, Jackie Fowler, Elsa Guo

谢谢大家谁参加, 出席会议并在周六的事先学习评估研讨会自告奋勇在多伦多约克文娱中心, 安大略省!

我们有中医, 谁成功地通过了他们的PLAR, 目前,以支持他们的同修 – 一些大老远从布罗克维尔, 伦敦, 圭尔夫奥沙瓦和助阵.

也升值中医安大略学院获得了这个词给学生,en (短时间内) 自愿参加本次研讨会. We thank these students who came that Saturday to get involved in helping the TCM community!

Yifang Tian from Guelph helped support members who needed translation in Mandarin.

最后, special thanks to our presenters Emily Cheung (Cantonese) and Joanne Pritchard-Sobhani (英语) who graciously volunteered their time in order to facilitate this learning session for our Ontario practitioners.

Participants were given hand-outs and CEU hours certificates through email. For the handouts (English only) or inquiries, 请联系: Jackie at


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