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Did you know that most herbs exported from China has sulphur added as a preservative?!
River Herbs specialize in customized decoctions of lab-tested and organic raw herbs.  We source from trusted names in the industry such as SpringWind and NuHerbs to provide you with herbs that are free of heavy-metals, pesticides and sulphur.  
Why use a raw herb decoction service over extracted granules?
  • Liquids are more effectively absorbed than granules and pills
  • Convenience means better patient compliance & adherence
  • No loss of aromatic oils unlike in granule manufacturing
  • Wide selection of lab-tested and organic herbs not available in granules
  • Wide selection of PaoZhi modifications not available in granules
We are obsessed with safety and quality.  
The water we use to cook your herbs exceeds USP (United States Pharmacopeia) purification standards.  
Our heat-resist BPA-free packaging is approved by governmental authorities*.  Your herbs are decocted and packaged in a negative pressure environment to minimise contamination.  Lastly our facility is YorkSafe compliant.
To learn more about our services
How it works in a nutshell: Introduction to River Herbs

Intuitive on-line prescribing platformRiver Ordering System Tutorial
Will I profit from working with River Herbs?:Flexible mark-up unseen by patients
Practitioner Discount
We offer competitive pricing and 20% off for all practitioner-paid orders. Free shipping for decoction orders within Ontario ($12 surcharge for all other national orders).
For CMAAC members, we are happy to offer 30% off for 6 months if your first order is placed before August 15, 2014.  
Please visit us at www.riverherbs.ca.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 905-305-6868 and info@riverherbs.ca

We look forward to providing your patient with the most authentic and safe means to practice Chinese medicine.

Yours truly,
Poney Chiang PhD, R.Ac, R.TCMP President, River Herbs
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