Nouvelles options pour Malpractice et Business Insurance





  • Injection Therapy coverage
  • Machinery Protection coverage


Partners Indemnity Insurance Brokers, Ltd has partnered with CMAAC to bring practitioners more options for liability insurance. Check out the information below to see what Partners Indemnity has to offer.

Do You Have the Right Insurance?

Pricing and Rates for CMAAC Members

CMAAC Application for Partners Indemnity Insurance

Contacter Partners Indemnity au (416) 286-9606 ou email

In order to purchase the insurance please return your completed application together with your cheque payment to Partners Indemnity Insurance Brokers Ltd.


You are also able to purchase your insurance, using your credit card:

Visa and Mastercard are accepted through the online payment system. Please note that there is a system access fee of 2% for all credit card payments that will be provided to you on the secure credit card payment site. La 2% system access fee will be added to the transaction. The system access fee is not a surcharge, but is to cover the ongoing costs of security, development, and administration. The credit card payment site is


Another option for CMAAC members:

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