The CMAAC Objectives Include:

  • collaboration of practitioners of Eastern and Western Medicine;
  • accepting only members of high standards of education and training;
  • promotion of TCM and Acupuncture;
  • organization of international symposiums, and attendance at International Conferences to assist in the scientific exchange of research,
  • education of the public; and
  • protection of endangered species in partnership with World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF) and Canadian Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (CHCAA)

In all these areas, we have achieved great success.  TCM and Acupuncture is now a valuable part of mainstream culture thanks in part to the efforts of our members who have united behind a code of ethics.  CMAAC has fostered alliances with the provincial and federal governments, and assists the Ministry of Health on many assignments.


Professional Development Activities for CMAAC Members

Participating in ongoing professional development activities results in better patient outcomes. To best fulfil our role as responsible health professionals, we are accountable to our patients and to the public and expected to maintain and improve our skills over time. This kind of practice will ensure public confidence and high standards of our profession.This will also ensure confidence for insurance companies that acupuncture treatments for their clients are covered by proactive and responsible health professionals like us.

At our CMAAC Website, we will be launching calendar of events that will include a list of interest to our Canadian members – courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences offered by TCM and Acupuncture education institutions, our Chapters and local corporate business, with tools we need as both primary and integrative health care providers.

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