2월 27, 2017: The Journal of the American Medical Association: Acupuncture may be helpful in reducing the frequency of migraines and preventing attacks

“A study published 월요일 in The Journal of the American Medical Association said acupuncture may be helpful in reducing the frequency of migraines and preventing attacks.
Researchers in China found that properly administered acupuncture therapy may reduce the frequency of the most common types of migraines. The research, which builds on a body of knowledge from smaller studies, looked at how true acupuncture compared with sham acupuncture in reducing migraine attacks and symptoms in those who have been battling the condition for at least a year.
All treatments were administered by trained and licensed acupuncturists who trained for at least five years and had four or more years of clinical experience. Recipients of ‘true acupuncture’ were treated in four acupoints chosen by clinical experts. The four points used for the ‘sham’ group were chosen to avoid migraine relief.
Twenty weeks after receiving treatment at five times a week, patients in the true acupuncture group saw a reduction in the average number of migraines from 4.8 per month to 3 per month, 아무 부작용으로 요구하는보고 '특수 의료 개입을.',en”

2월 15, 2017: Acupuncture Evidence Project Released

The much anticipated Acupuncture Evidence Project is now available. This is an independent study confirming the efficacy of acupuncture produced by Stephen Janz together with Dr John McDonald.

This was in response to the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd.’s (AACMA) initial desire to see such a review completed for reference by its members and the health industry.

Accepting the challenge, Stephen Janz and Dr John MacDonald’s concise and current Evidence Review is now available for AACMA members, the scientific community, legislators and for the wider general public.

We would like to inform our counterparts (internationally) that a public version which is easy to read and disseminate is now available on the home page of the AACMA website.

Click 여기 to view this version of the report.


The Team at AACMA.

December 2, 2016: Video: Acupuncture for Low Back Pain and the NICE Guidelines

A detailed look through the substantial evidence supporting acupuncture for low back pain and some of the problems with the new NICE Guidelines for low back pain. CLICK VIDEO HERE


December 2, 2016: 백혈병 환자 치료에서 중국 전통 의학의 효과

이 연구는 대만 TCM 활용의 상태를 분석, 백혈병 소아 및 성인 환자 모두에서. 여기 기사를 클릭


11월 30, 2016: Acupuncture research links 여기 기사를 클릭


11월 30, 2016: NIH review finds nondrug approaches effective for treatment of common pain conditions

U.S. 보완 의학에 대한 연구 리뷰 시험 결과는 통증 완화를위한 접근; aims to assist with pain management. 여기 기사를 클릭


9월 30, 2016: International Society of Complementary Medicine Research Membership

ISCMR small

CMAAC is now a member Association of the ISCMR (International Society of Complementary Medicine Research)

CMAAC 회원 및 모든 종사자 수 특별 할인 회원, 이는 나와 많은 혜택을 포함 여기

CMAAC 그룹 코드,en: 169까지 W5 활동 9월 6, 2017



2016, 9월 28: Acupuncture Plus Herbs Outperform Drug Therapy for IBS

Acupuncture and herbs outperform drug therapy for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Researchers compared two groups, one received acupuncture and herbal medicine and the other received drug therapy. 여기 기사를 클릭

2016, 9월 22: Acupuncture And Herbs Gain International Recognition

Modern scientific evidence confirms the therapeutic value of acupuncture and MRI studies confirm that specific acupuncture points induce hemodynamic changes in specific brain networks relating to the healing of specific medical disorders (He et al.) 여기 기사를 클릭

2016, 9월 15: Acupuncture Research Explained with Mel Kopperman CLICK VIDEO HERE

2016, 9월 12: 연구 결과에 의해 검증 만성 통증에 대한 침술의 효과

미국. 보완 통합적인 건강을위한 보건 복지부 국립 센터의 부, 침 통증 다른 비 약물 의료 요법의 유효성을 검증 방출 연구를 갖는다. 침술과 한의학에 대한 국가 인증위원회 (NCCAOM)®, 긴 비 약물에 대한 주장했다 이는 통증 치료에 접근, 보완 요법에 국가 기관의 관심을 박수 갈채. 여기 기사를 클릭

2016, 7월: Complementary therapies for labour and birth study

노동 통증 관리를위한 산전 통합 의학의 무작위 대조 시험.
분만 경막 외 사용에 미산 여성을위한 일반적인 치료뿐만 아니라에서 산전 통합 의학 교육 프로그램의 효과를 평가하기. 여기 기사를 클릭


2016, 6월 28: Acupuncture for the prevention of episodic migraine

Individuals with migraine have repeated attacks of severe headache, usually just on one side and often with vomiting. This study evaluated whether acupuncture reduces the number of episodes of migraine. The researchers looked at the number of people in whom the number of migraine days per month was reduced by half or more than half. 여기 기사를 클릭

2016, 6월 28: Development of Researches on Acupuncture Treatment of Peripheral Nerve Damage

”…acupuncture stimulation may promote nerve repair by reducing desquamation of medullary sheath of nerve fibers, inhibiting apoptosis of nerve cells, and up-regulating expression of myelin basic protein, Slit-1 protein and gene, 등등. 게다가, acupuncture intervention may also improve the microenvironment of neural regeneration including increase of the proliferation and differentiation of Schwann cells and release of various types of neurotrophic factors.” 여기 기사를 클릭

2016, 4월: 유방암 생존자에 대한 뜨거운 플래시 치료 결정을 통지: a systematic review of randomized trials comparing active interventions

This systematic review examines randomized controlled trials (RCTs) comparing at least two non-hormonal hot flash treatments in breast cancer survivors. 여기 기사를 클릭

2016, 행진: 완화 암 치료의 증상 관리를위한 침술 및 관련 치료: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

The aim of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to summarize current best evidence on acupuncture and related therapies for palliative cancer care. 여기 기사를 클릭

2016, 행진 9: The Efficacy of Acupuncture in Post-Operative Pain Management

BACKGROUND: Postoperative pain resulting from surgical trauma is a significant challenge for healthcare providers. Opioid analgesics are commonly used to treat postoperative pain; 그러나, 이러한 약물은 바람직하지 못한 부작용과 연관되는지. 여기 기사를 클릭

2016, 2월 10: 암 통증 관리를위한 침술: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Objective. To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of acupuncture for cancer-related pain. 여기 기사를 클릭

2016, 2월 7: 체계적인 검토 및 암 관련 통증을 줄이기 위해 침술의 메타 분석

We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to evaluate the effects of acupuncture on malignancy-related, 화학 요법 (CT)- or radiation therapy (RT)-induced, surgery-induced, and hormone therapy (HT)-induced pain. 여기 기사를 클릭


일월 19, 2015

  • Acupuncture Alleviates Parkinson’s Disease

Researchers document the ability of acupuncture to reduce pain, anxiety, 불경기, hot flashes and abnormal sweating in a clinical case history. The patient responded with significant positive patient outcomes after a 2 week regime of acupuncture treatments given at a rate of five days per week. 여기 기사를 클릭


December 17, 2014

10월 20, 2014

10월 8, 2014

  • 효능과 중국 약초의 안전, 허혈성 심장 질환을 치료 홍경천 제제: 체계적인 검토와 무작위 대조 임상 시험의 메타 분석 여기 기사를 클릭

위엄있는 14, 2014

  • NEW STUDY (World Journal of Gastroenterology): Moxibustion with acupuncture provided significant therapeutic benefits in patients with active Crohn’s disease (CD) 여기 기사를 클릭

7월 28, 2014

7월 1, 2014

6월 30, 2014

  • 만성 피로 증후군에 대한 중국의 전통 의학: 무작위 임상 시험의 체계적인 검토 여기 기사를 클릭

6월 19, 2014

  • 편두통은 침술과 추나으로 없어진다

새로운 연구: 침술은 편두통 치료에 약을보다 더 효과적입니다. 여기 기사를 클릭

6월 18, 2014

  • 침술은 뇌졸중 후 뇌 손상을 반전.

-6 월 뇌 손상과 뇌졸중 인식의 달입니다.

-새로운 MRI 연구: 침 전기 침 뇌허혈 / 재관류 손상으로 인한 뇌 조직 손상 및 신경 학적 장애의 치료에 효과적 (특징). 여기 기사를 클릭

6월 11, 2014

  • 침술이 항암 치료의 부작용을 절감, 업 내성

새로운 연구: 침술은 대장 암 환자의 화학 요법의 부작용을 감소. 새로운 연구는 침술은 면역 체계를 혜택 것을 확인하고이 환자의 심리적 상태를 향상. 여기 기사를 클릭

할 수있다 2, 2014

  • 우울증에 대한 침술 능가하는 성능을 상담하고 약을

침술은 통증에 의해 복잡하게 우울증으로 고통받는 환자를위한 상담과 일반적인 치료를 능가하는 것으로 확인되었습니다. 여기 기사를 클릭

4월 4, 2014

  • 침술이 만성 통증에 대한 모든 컨트롤에 상당히 우수.

침술의 직업에 대한 중요한 연구는 침술이 모든 컨트롤이 뛰어난 것으로 나타났습니다 (가짜 컨트롤의 모든 종류를 포함) 만성 통증의 치료. 여기 기사를 클릭

행진 24, 2014

  • NEW STUDY (시드니 모닝 헤럴드): 치료 통증 약물만큼 효과적 침술, 시험 쇼 여기 기사를 클릭


일월 18, 2013


9월 10, 2012

  • Acupuncture Relieves Pain in Largest Study of Treatment

Data from 29 separate studies of 18,000 people confirms what many people already swear by: acupuncture works, especially for treatment of body back and neck pain, arthritis and headaches 여기 기사를 클릭

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