subject: Question about Chinese RemedyPosted: 11:09pm, Mar 31, 2011
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Chinese Remedy.........I went to see a Chinese doctor today to ask for help with this exhaustion that has lasted for 10 years. He said that I had poor food assimilation, over thinking, muscle loss in hands and body, and that my heart, liver, spleen and pancreas, are not working properly. He suggested that I slap my forearm for three minutes each day for 20 days to bring the sickness from heart to the surface to clear. I have been searching for help and seen so many doctors and have paid so much money to heal and am desperate to find a cure.

Could you confirm that this self bruising is used in Chinese medicine?

I have seen a different chinese herbalist a few years ago and he had me on herbs for 3 months but I did not feel any better so stopped.

I would really like to hear from someone before I proceed to spend more money on trying to find a cure for this exhaustion, feeling cold all the time, poor circulation, memory problems. I am only 57 years of age but feel 80.
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