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2017-06-06: York Integrative Acupuncture--Advanced Practice Certificate Program

An East-West approach to acupuncture for practitioners who aspire to advance their practice with the best of both worlds.

Integrate and apply the most practical eastern and western acupuncture skills including advanced dry needling techniques, neuro-myofascial meridian testing, and neuro-stimulation techniques.

The 통합 침술: Advanced Practice Certificate program balances Eastern and Western medicine through an integrated approach to acupuncture.

대부분의 "통합"침술 프로그램에서 기술과 지식을 통합 모두 연습에 접근하는 방법을 보여없이 옆에 동양과 서양 침술 측을 가르쳐. 이 고급 프로그램은 생물 의학 접근 방식에서 통증 등의 신체적 건강 상태와 신경 학적 상태를 치료에 완전히 통합 접근 방식을 가르쳐 최초입니다, while providing holistic patient-centred care through a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach.

The program is designed for health professional looking to advance their practice. You will learn how to develop more effective treatments by applying the latest advanced dry needling myofascial trigger point therapy, neuro-myofascial meridian testing, and peripheral nerve stimulation techniques as a form of therapy in modern clinical practice. 동시에, you will learn how to obtain Di Qi and address the Yang Ming, Shao Yang, and Tai Yang region through integrative physiatrics.

How You Will Benefit

  • Upgrade your practice with intensive training in three core skill sets:(1) trigger point dry needling therapy , (2) neuro-myofascial meridian testing, 과 (3) peripheral nerve palpation and electro-stimulation
  • 6 hours of cadaver practical lab for applied acupuncture anatomy.
  • 15 hours of clinical skills practicum. You will have the opportunity to work hands-on with real patient volunteers through supervised group treatments.
  • All techniques taught are evidence-based and proven to effectively treat pain and neurological conditions
  • The course is taught by field experts who specialize in integrative acupuncture (For testimonials, please see Faculty Page)

Learning Outcomes

  • Palpation Skills: Understand trigger point palpation, neuro-palpation and hara/abdominal palpation
  • Diagnostic Skills: Assess underlying meridian, nutritional, neuro-endocrine, and psycho-emotional layers to a given physical condition
  • Advanced Needling Skills: Predict and confirm the correct DeQi sensation for individual acupuncture points and obtain consistent results
  • Holistic Treatment Strategy: Design patient-centred treatments that addresses the sensory, motor, autonomic, and segmental nervous system, as well as Jing, 치, and Shen imbalances

Who Should Take this Course?

  • 등록 된 한의사 (R.Ac) and Naturopathic Doctors (ND)
  • Registered health professionals who have at least 200 hours of prior training in acupuncture

York University is pleased to offer the following to CMAAC members:

A single/separate Registration submitted: 10% off the course fee

A group of 10 Registrations submitted: 12% off the course fee for each registrant. (NOTE: Each registrant must complete the registration form but all Ten (10) must be received together by our office at the same time)

A group of 20 Registrations submitted: 15% off the course fee for each registrant. (NOTE: Each registrant must complete the registration form but all Twenty (20) must be received by our office together at the same time)

To be able to use this discount the Promo Code of 070HLLN must be inserted on the registration form. For the convenience of your members a Registration Form is attached.

It must also be noted that further discounts cannot be combined with this offer. (ie. Early Bird savings). The discounts offered here are of a greater value than others posted.

If you want to take the class but are unsure if you meet the prerequistes, contact us for more information 416 736 2100 ext 22170 or hlln@yorku.ca.

2017-02-16: Acupuncture Evidence Project Released

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메리 크리스마스 & 새해 복 많이 받으세요

WFAS의 친애하는 회원,

침 - 뜸 사회의 세계 연맹의 대신에 (WFAS), 우리의 대통령 교수. 리우 Baoyan 메리 크리스마스, 해피 뉴을 기원합니다!
우리는 당신의 지원에 특히 감사하고이 모든 년 도움, 이에 우리는 밝고 행복한 새해에 대한 우리의 계절의 인사와 진심으로 소원을 보내!

따뜻한 안부,

The Secretariat

침술 뜸 학회 세계 연맹

친애하는 WFAS 회원 :

당신은 좋다!

침술 학회 대표의 세계 연맹의 교수 리우 Baoyan 대통령 WFAS 원하는 전 세계 모든 그룹 회원들과 동료 침술 크리스마스와 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

감사합니다 귀하의 지속적인 지원에 감사하고 우리를 도와,이 계절의 인사와 최고의 소원에서,당신에게 밝고 행복한 새해를 기원합니다!


2016년 12월 19일,zh-CN

WFAS의 여덟 번째 집행위원회의 네 번째 세션의 분 2016

WFAS의 친애하는 회원,

의 제 4 세션 8 WFAS의 집행위원회의 개최 4 11월 2016 쓰쿠바에서, 일본. 총 50 seats (out of 76) 직접 또는 프록시로 표현했다, 6 작업 보고서, 8 제안, 1 노트, 1 발의, 1 문이 논의되었다. 사무국은 이에 당신의 검토 및 주석이 회의의 분 선물.

우리는 EC 세션에서 제기 된 문제에 의견과 제안을 환영합니다, 우리의 작업의에. 당신의주의를위한 감사합니다 귀하의 회신을 기대!

따뜻한 안부,

The Secretariat, 침술 뜸 학회 세계 연맹

Click Here to View the Minutes of the 4th Session of the 8th Executive Committee of WFAS 2016


당신은 좋다! 위원회의 네 번째 회의 11 월 4 일, (2016)에, 츠쿠바, 일본에서 WFAS 여덟 번째 승리를 개최했다. 76 좌석이위원회,회의 50 명 (좌석) 참석,회의에서 우리는 업무 보고서를 논의 6,8제안,1항목 설명,1의 이니셔티브,1성명. 사무국은 회의록을 보내는,당신의 검토하십시오.

토론의 주제에 당신의 제안을 환영는 이사회 및 기타 작업에 관한,다시 한번 감사드립니다 당신의 관심과 지원!



스물 넷 2016 12월


웹 세미나: Give your patients the royal treatment with eClaims

월요일, 11월 21, at 8pm EST
웹 세미나: Give your patients the royal treatment with eClaims
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  • We’ll also do a short product demo to give you a concrete view of what eClaims really is.
Join us on Monday, 11월 21 at 8pm to learn everything you need to know about eClaims. Not available at this time? Register anyway and you’ll receive a webinar recording to view at your convenience.
Your Speakers:
Wendy Croft
Account Director
Marie-Ève Vigeant
Sales Support Technical Rep
Marie-Claire Charlton
Marketing Manager

2016 6월 7 - TELUS Health eClaims Survey Results

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2016 6월 3 - Volunteer Acupuncturists Wanted for Global Outreach Doctors


또한: the Acupuncture Now Foundation Campaign “Acupuncture Before Opiods”



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2016 할 수있다 31 - WFAS 2016 도쿄: Call for Abstracts

WFAS 2016



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2016 행진 30 - Spring Forward

Bloom-Flowers-White-Branches-Spring-Nature-HD-Wallpaper-1024x640 Please click Photo to view Newsletter

WFAS 2016 도쿄: 발표 초록에 대한 문의!

WFAS 2016 is now accepting Abstracts!

Submission deadline is July 7, 2016.

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