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八月 21, 2017
Acupuncturist seeking clinic space
注册针灸师 & Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner is seeking space within a busy multidisciplinary healthcare clinic, preferably in the Hamilton/ Burlington area. 将考虑无论是出租或费用分安排,,en,寻找即时提供,,en,请发送电子邮件在佛朗哥,,en,请提供您的诊所的网页地址在你的回应,,en. Looking for immediate availability.
Please email Franco at: franco.l@mail.com. Kindly include the web address of your clinic in your response. Thanks.

星期五, 八月 4, 2017

Looking for a motivated acupuncturist or TCM Practitioner with an interest in fertility treatment to join an integrative care fertility centre in Ottawa. 这是十月全新装修的诊所开幕,,en,具有动态成长的团队自然疗法医生的工作,,en,候选人必须是必须在中国传统医药从业者和安大略省的针灸师学院的良好声誉的成员,,en,你为什么有兴趣在生育领域,并提交您的简历,,en 2017. Work with a dynamic growing team of Naturopathic Doctors, nutritionist, psychotherapist, osteopath, 等等.

An interest and practice focus on fertility and women’s reproductive health is a must. Experience in an asset, but more importantly a willingness to learn and continue your education in the area of natural fertility treatment as well as IVF support.

Candidate must be must be a member in good standing of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO)

This position is full-time – we’re looking for someone who is willing to dedicate their practice to treating infertility, and someone who is driven to build a successful practice. New grads are welcome. This is a great opportunity to quickly grow your practice.

Split fee compensation. Dispensary, reception staff, EMR and online booking provided.

If you have a passion for fertility and women’s health, we want to hear from you. Tell us about yourself, why you are interested in the area of fertility and submit your resume to dr.priya@awakenlife.me

星期二, 六月 6, 2017

我们有一个注册针灸师提供一个空间,以治疗各种医疗条件,并提供持续的健康护理,,en,我们是位于多伦多市中心的一家健身中心和提供按摩疗法,,en,和注册按摩治疗服务,,en,请将您的求职信和简历至,,en,dr.fermanian@gmail.com,,en. We are a family wellness centre located in midtown Toronto and provide chiropractic, 物理疗法, and registered massage therapy services.
Please submit your cover letter and resume to: dr.fermanian@gmail.com.

星期五, 五月 5, 2017

你是注册针灸,,en,我们的病人基地完善了高于平均水平的体积和财务回报更高,,en,发送简历和求职信,,en, 推拿治疗师, or Registed Massage Therapist interested in joining a team of other health practitioners?
We are currently seeking:

  • 推拿治疗师
  • 注册按摩治疗师
  • 注册针灸师


  • 3+ years of experience in Acupuncture, 按摩, or Tuina therapy (preferably in a clinic environment)
  • Knowledge of the theory and practice of Acupuncture, Tuina Therapy, and Massage
  • Great interpersonal skills, as we are looking for a caring person who is passionate about a job in Health and Wellness
  • Excellent understanding, knowledge and sensitivity to the needs of patients
  • Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin would be an asset
  • Must be able to work flexible hours and weekends

The positions are currently part-time with potential for full-time hours.
Please provide a resume and cover letter.
We are a small but incredibly busy and successful clinic who has been open for over 20+ years located in the heart of Port Credit in Mississauga. Our patient base is well-established with a higher than average volume and financial return. Patients will be seeking your services for a wide variety of issues such as pain, 应力, internal medicine conditions, and for ongoing wellness care.
We are in a great spot with easy accessibility to the Port Credit GO Station and Mississauga MiWay transit. The clinic features a waiting are with reception, 3 treatment rooms, and we will provide supplies.

Send resume and cover letter to jinnazheng@gmail.com.

星期五, 四月 7, 2017

Camrose Acupuncture Clinic is seeking an energetic Acupuncture/Acupressure specialist.

Colleen Hartman owns and operates her busy practice in Camrose, 阿尔伯塔. She has an established business that she operated for over 28 岁月. Colleen believes in the combination of Acupuncture with Acupressure within her practice. We are looking for a new graduate – or soon to graduate Acupuncturist. We are located 45 minutes south east of Edmonton. The clinic is looking for someone who is looking to gain clientele with the future potential to take over the business.

Successful candidate must be willing to work with Colleen and her belief of combining the Acupuncture with the Acupressure.

Provide outstanding therapeutic services within your professional scope.

Create techniques and strategies for wellness and prevention.

Willingness to establish a proper practice flow with limited direction.

Ability to work independently, self-motivated to build their own clientele.

Excel in a team environment supporting existing clients at the clinic.

Be professional in dealing with staff and clients in all situations.

Diploma is required and no experience is necessary, willing to train the right graduate.


Please email resume to:

Tania Greenwald, cacupunc@telus.net

传真 – 780-672-9360

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: TBN

星期五, 三月 31, 2017

忙碌针灸诊所寻求一个动态的针灸师和/或中医师,在妇女保健专业知识, 应力, 失眠, 生育和疼痛管理.

我们在密西沙加的诊所已经建立了 16 岁月. 我们是为数不多的诊所之一只专注于TCM /针灸产生的平均收入以上. 我们正在寻找聘请 1 至 2 从业者加入我们的团队.

你将有机会与一个团队,专家在妇女健康的工作, 儿科和肌肉与骨骼医学. 提供了实践发展的有力支撑.


  • 进行耐心访谈, 建议和针灸治疗和草药处方.
  • 保持了在针灸和中药的最新知识
  • 坚持你的领导机构的原则.
  • 在文章的形式提供公共教育, 研讨会和讲习班.
  • 有助于程序开发和新的患者服务,以改善病人护理和整体体验.


  • 在CTCMPAO注册
  • 必须至少有 2 多年的临床经验中医药和/或针灸
  • 良好的沟通和人际交往能力
  • 适应性强,在快节奏的团队环境中工作的能力
  • 兼职开始与机遇,成为全职
  • 必须能够工作至少 2 每周日 (includes 星期六星期天).
  • 必须讲一口流利的英语

申请, 请将您的简历和求职信: christinefung123@ gmail.com

注: 我们感谢所有申请, 但请不要叫诊所. 合适的人选,将通过电话联络.

星期三, 三月 15, 2017
我们在乔治敦市中心一个完善的综合诊所, 安大略省, 寻找中国医学/针灸从业者加​​入我们的团队. Our goal as a group is to work collaboratively to improve patients overall health. If you are interested, 请联系雅各布Simonini (416-573-0997) 或发电子邮件 jacobsimo76@gmail.com.

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