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교수. Cedric K.T. Cheung (온타리오), 대통령


세드릭 청,


Cedric Cheung's Details

교수. Cheung, has over 40 years of clinical experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture services. He is formerly the Vice President of the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies (WFAS, 世界針灸學會聯合會副主席). 이후 1983, he has dedicated a great deal of time to achieving regulation for TCM and acupuncture in Ontario and across Canada.

His credentials include: Certified Doctor of Examination (위안, Taiwan); Doctor TCM, Dept of Health, Executive (위안, Taiwan); Licenced Acupuncturist, (캘리포니아, 미국); Honorary Professor, Shaanxi Academy of TCM (중국); Visiting Professor, Nanjing University of TCM (중국); Doctor of Science, Medicina Alternativa; 1세인트 President of the Transitional Council of the College of TCMPAO.

교수. Cheung emits a positive attitude and maintains an open relationship with his patients.

본점: 154 Wellington Street, 런던, ON, N6B 2K8

Phone: (519) 642-1970

이메일: headoffice@cmaac.ca

Connie Siedule (온타리오), VP Welfare

Connie Siedule's Details

Connie has an Honours Bachelor of Arts Law degree and then trained at the Institute of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (런던). She is the executive director at the Akausivik Inuit Family Health Team (AIFHT). 그녀는 과거를 통해 작업을 주도 14 years to secure and maintain a medical centre dedicated to the complexities of Inuit population health. The AIFHT, 오타와에 본사를 둔, provides primary care to the largest population of Inuit outside of the Canadian North/Inuit Nunangat.

Publications she has co-authored include articles in the Canadian Journal of Public Health, 건강 증진 연습, 문화 심리학, and CIHR Moving Population and Public Health Knowledge Into Action. She believes that the strength of a healthcare organization lies in its ability to focus on and deliver good patient care. This comes from supporting the development of a good provider base/foundation of knowledge, 기술과 능력.

그녀의 비전은 CMAAC의 신뢰성을 강화하는 것입니다, 힘, and solid organizational foundation. To develop its ability to be an effective professional association for its members and for CMAAC to continue to be an effective, reputable advocate with the provincial and federal governments.

Phone: (613) 740-0999

이메일: rampton@travel-net.com


교수. 빙 강무 (온타리오), VP Education & Academic

Ben Wu, 吴滨江
VP, Education & Academic


Ben Wu's Details

Professor Wu obtained his PhD. 중국어 & Western Integrated Medicine at Hebei Medical University; Masters Degree of Medicine in Acupuncture & Qigong – China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Bachelors Degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine. 교수. Wu served as clinical instructor of the Acupuncture Department at the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences, as well the clinical instructor at Wasser Pain Center, Mount Sinai Hospital and Professor for Master’s Program – Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine & Henan University of TCM.

He now serves as an Executive Member, & Vice-President of The University Cooperation Working Committee for The World Federation of Acupuncture & Moxibustion Societies (WFAS); Vice President of Educational Instruction Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS); Vice President of International Association of Acupuncture & Moxibustion Manipulation Technique; Founder & President of Wu’s Head Massage International Association.

More than 30 years of experiences in clinical research of acupuncture manipulation, Qigong, insomnia, uterine bleeding, 불모, physical and psychological dysfunctions. Participates in the strategic development of overseas teaching and education of Chinese Medicine. Published in over 230 articles Internationally (일본, U.S.A., 독일, 프랑스, Austria, Hungary, 중국, and Canada) through newspaper, magazine, journals, radio and television.

Phone: (905) 604-8855

이메일: info@octcm.com benwu19570112@me.com

제인 청, VP External Relations (영어)

제인 청,
VP External Relations


제인 청의 세부 사항

제인은 이상에 대한 오샤와 온타리오에 등록 된 TCM 치료사와 한의사로 연습하고있다 12 년. 그녀는 캐나다에서 TCM의 성장과 미래에 대한 열정과 CMAAC 실무 그룹은 정책 개발이라고 의자,en & Communications Committee. 그녀는 침술의 세계 연맹에 그녀의 시간과 노력을 자원했다 & Moxibustion Societies (WFAS) 과 침술에 대한 실무 그룹의 멤버 지금 재단이다 (ANF)

Phone: (905) 721-4917

이메일: jane.cheung @ cmaac.ca

명나라 파이 찬 (온타리오), VP External Relations (중국의) 副會長, 華人外部事務


Ming Fai practises in Scarborough Ontario

Phone: (416) 292-0108

이메일: mingchan1628@hotmail.com

다이애나 통 리 (노바 스코샤), VP Liaison & Regional Rep

Dr Li Headshot 2

다이애나 통 - 리,
VP Liaisons


Diana Li's Details

박사. 다이아나 Tong Li is the founder and president of the Canadian College of Acupuncture & 중국의 전통 의학 (베드 퍼드, 노바 스코샤), the only government-approved private career college dedicated to acupuncture and TCM in Eastern Canada. 박사. Li is also the co-owner and lead practitioner of the Life-Care Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Clinics (Bedford and Halifax, 노바 스코샤).

박사. Li received her PhD in Acupuncture and TCM at Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine (중국) and has been practicing and teaching in Canada for over 30 년. 박사. Li frequently travels to national and international conferences to present her acupuncture research papers, which cover topics including IVF, motor vehicle accidents, 불모, and fibromyalgia.

박사. Li is passionate about helping and healing others through acupuncture and TCM, which she strives to do through both her practice and CCATCM.

Phone: (902) 832-0688

이메일: acup@eastlink.ca

Hillary (다우) 첸 (온타리오), Secretary-General


Hillary Chen's Details

Hilary is a registered TCM practitioner and registered acupuncturist with many years of experience in health care. Hilary holds an Honours Bachelor of Science (영양) degree from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Medicine degree from Peking University in China. She also graduated from the Chinese Medicine Institute of Canada and China.

With her educational background, she has successfully integrated Chinese medicine, western medicine and nutritional science. This unique integration approach has given her a unique advantage in treating patients. Hilary practices the Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture at a well-established TCM clinic in Toronto. The reputation of her clinic has attracted patients from all walks of life.

Hilary actively promotes TCM and Acupuncture’s health benefits everywhere she goes. She is the Secretary-General of the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada (CMAAC) and a registered member of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO).

Phone: (905) 470-2996

이메일: zhichen28@hotmail.com

Vacant seat, 회계 원

generic male picture


왕이 왕을 상 (앨버타), 이사 & Regional Rep

왕이 왕을 상,


King Wong's Details

Graduate of the Guongzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine College ( now University) in 1990. Board member of the Acupuncture Committee of Alberta, Alberta Health. ( 2005-2010), Conduct and discipline committee member, College and Association of Acupuncturist of Alberta. (2005-present).

Currently Chairperson of Alberta Chapter CMAAC and member of national CMAAC Board of Directors

Phone: (780) 497-4610

이메일: kingwong@shaw.ca

제이슨 문헌 [Tutt (브리티시 컬럼비아), 이사 & Regional Rep

jason tutt pic

제이슨 문헌 [Tutt,


제이슨 문헌 [Tutt의 세부 사항

제이슨 BC의 CTCMA에 등록 된 한의사이며, BC의 경혈과 재생 주입 협회의 다양한 주사 요법에서 훈련하고있다 (ARIABC).

때문에 자신의 쇠약 허리 통증에서 회복하려고 노력 보냈다 년, 제이슨은 만성 통증 환자와 스포츠 부상 치료와 사랑에 빠졌다이 그의 주요 연습 초점 영역을 계속하기로 결정. In many, (모든 경우는 아니지만), 기존의 TCM / 침술의 재생 요법을 사용하여, prolotherapy 및 혈 주사 그들이 추구 한 구호와 제이슨의 환자를 제공하고 있습니다 – 때때로 년!

제이슨 ARIABC의 사무 회계의 역할, ATCMA의 이사 및 ANF의 워킹 그룹 회원. Please welcome his as our newest national Board of Directors member and the Regional Representative for CMAAC in British Columbia.

Phone: (604) 939-4325

이메일: jason_tutt@hotmail.com

Lin Liu 劉琳醫師 (매니토바), 이사 & Regional Rep

린 리우,


Lin Liu's Details

Lin Liu has always been surrounded by Traditional Chinese Medicine, being the fourth generation in her family to follow in the medical tradition. She studied at the Shandong Traditional Chinese Medical University and completed the Acupuncture Masters Degree. She practiced as a TCM doctor in China until she immigrated to Canada in 1997.

With more than 25 years experience in areas such as pain relief, fertility, asthma, blood pressure, female issues, anxiety and many other internal imbalances, Link brings her extensive training, family history and education to her patients.

Lin is the Manitoba Chapter President of the CMAAC and is President of the TCM and Acupuncture Association of Manitoba.

Phone: (204) 284-4047

이메일: liulin1036@hotmail.com

후이 장 (뉴 브런 즈윅), 이사 & Regional Rep

후이 장,


Hui Zhang's Details

그는 중국 의학의 호북 대학을 졸업하고 자신의 MD를 받았다 1985, was Chief physician of the Acupuncture Department at the Hubei University of Chinese Medicine Affiliated Hospital from 1985-1995, at which time he moved to Canada and began private TCM and Acupuncture practice.

He was elected to the CMAAC Board at the May 2016 New Brunswick Chapter Board meeting. 박사. Zhang accepted with great honour. His knowledge and experience will certainly be an asset to the Board.

Phone: (506) 382-1288

이메일: info@acupuncturehui.com

Chami Askerow (퀘벡), 이사 & Regional Rep


Gasan Askerow's Details

Gasan Askerow has been practicing Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1979.
He has a PhD in Chinese Medicine and a Sports Medicine degree.

Gasan practises in Cap Rouge Quebec.

Phone: (613) 569-8947

이메일: askerow@bell.net

Diana Zhang 張冬月醫師 (서스 캐처 원), 이사 & Regional Rep


Diana Zhang's Details

When Diana arrived in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1990, she was a visiting scholar with the University of Regina. She discovered there were not many Chinese people in Regina or in Saskatchewan province. Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture was unknown to most people. Due to her medical and TCM training, she offered help to give Acupuncture treatments to friends, and their results were amazing. Friends started to tell more friends about Acupuncture, and she received more interested people by referrals to get Acupuncture treatments.

Although she was in the midst of studying English, Computer Science and doing a Masters degree in Microbiology, all of her “free time” was devoted to Acupuncture. 그 시점에서 그녀는 시간이 인증을하는 것이었다 결정 그녀는 캐나다의 중국 의학 및 침술 협회에 가입. There was nothing in Saskatchewan for TCM and Acupuncture at that time. 그녀는 그녀의 지방과 지방에서 여섯 다른 도시에있는 다른 훈련 TCM와 침술 실무자에 이르기까지 전문적인 표준을 구축 할 수있는 좋은 필요가 느꼈다, 함께 그들은 매우 최초이자 유일한 지방 TCM 관련 협회 설립; the Saskatchewan Acupuncture Association Ltd.

Committed to promoting TCM and Acupuncture, 그녀는 레지나에서 개인 전문 클리닉을 열었다. Because there were not many Chinese people, 그녀의 환자는 대부분 영어 캐나다인을 말하기 하였다. She spoke on TCM & Acupuncture everywhere she could: 공공 도서관, university, technical schools, professional organizations etc, TCM와 침술을 소개합니다; and to practise her new English skills. 그녀는 많은 TV 인터뷰를 수행하고있다, CBC에, CTC, W 네트워크, 케이블 레지나는 TV 시리즈 "저쪽 의학"에 있었고,, 그 이상에 방송 된 20 다양한 언어로 세계의 국가. She also lobbied many insurance companies to accept Acupuncture as complimentary medical treatments. There was no insurance coverage before 1994; 그러나, there are many insurance companies that cover Acupuncture treatments today. Acupuncture is now a popular treatment for many Canadian people in our city and province today. Our TCM and Acupuncture community has grown, and there are even some young non-Chinese Canadians trained to be TCM and Acupuncture practitioners in the province now.

Phone: (306) 584-9888

이메일: allnatural@sasktel.net d.zhang @ sasktel.net

윌리엄 브라운 (온타리오), 이사

william brown

윌리엄 브라운,


William Brown's Details

Graduate of 4 year program from the Institute of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, 런던, 온타리오.
After 33 years in Emergency Medicine as a Paramedic, land and air, Bill found a new passion in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Bill runs a successful practice in London Ontario

Phone: (519) 642-2000

이메일: aqupoint@rogers.com

스티븐 콴 (온타리오), 이사

스티븐 콴,


Stephen Kwan's Details

Stephen emigrated to Canada in 1978 and worked in the emergency medical field for over 25 년. He holds many degrees including Industrial Technician certificate, and EMS technician, as well as serving on various assignments overseas. Stephen于1978年移民加拿大,并在紧急医疗领域工作超过25年。他拥有许多学位,包括工业技师证书,EMS技术人员證書,并且他服务于各种海外醫療事業。

에 2000, he completed the Chinese Medicine, 침술 & Tuina Program at the Toronto International School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (in collaboration with the Nanjing University of TCM). 에 2001, he graduated from the TCM Product Provider Certificate Program. 에 2013, he successfully completed a Massage Therapy program. He belongs to many international associations, as well as CMAAC. 2000년,Stephen在多伦多国际中国传统医学學院完成了中国医学&针灸推拿專業(與中国南京中醫藥大学合作)。 2001年,他完成了中医药产品供应商证书课程。 2013年,他順利的完成了按摩疗法課程。他服務于众多国际组织,以及CMAAC。

에 2015, 스티븐 & his wife set up a new practice in Markham. He looks forward to continuing to serve as a board member of CMAAC to help to build the trust, confidence and professionalism of TCM practitioners in Ontario and to help connect us together with our Chinese speaking practitioner community. 2015년,Stephen和他的妻子在Markham從事相關專業。他期待着继续担任CMAAC的董事会成员,以帮助在安大略省從醫的同行們建立對中医的信任,信心和敬业精神,并帮助我们華人社區之間建立更緊密的交流和溝通平臺。

Phone: (905) 940-2691

이메일: stephenk@accessv.com

저스틴 냄새 (온타리오), 이사


저스틴 냄새,


Justin Ngui's Details

Born in 1978, Justin inherited training in Chinese Qigong, 중국의 전통 의학, Gongfu and Feng Shui at the tender age of five. The knowledge passed to him has been passed down in the family for many generations, making him the 24th generation to receive this understanding.

에 2001, he received a degree in advanced theories of computer engineering graduating with the highest score of his class. Now Justin treats patients at his clinic with Acupuncture, 중국의 전통 의학, and Medical Qigong on a regular basis. He also teaches regular classes in Qigong and Gongfu.

He is a firm believer that in order to heal the body, one must embody a balanced lifestyle. This is something Justin teaches through example, by living his life as he would want others to live in a balanced way and incorporating exercise for the mind, 육체와 정신.

Phone: (905) 905-597-5007

이메일: nguistyleimc@gmail.com

마이클 코 렛트 (뉴 펀들 랜드), 이사


조 치 구오 (온타리오), 이사

조 치 구오,


Zhao Qi Guo's Details

Zhao started his apprenticeship in acupuncture, under his father. His formal education includes a Bachelors degree from the Nanjin Railway Medical College, plus a Masters degree and post grad training in Medicine from the Tianjin Medical College. He began his career as a General Practioner in China, as well as lecturing in Tianjin at the Institute of Endocrinology, until 1987 when he immigrated to Canada.

He was a visiting Research Professor at the University for 2 years and then opened his own private practice in TCM and Acupuncture in 1990. Zhao has also been published in more than 15 reputable and award winning journals and publications.

He practises in Ottawa Ontario.

Phone: (613) 729-6165

이메일: zhaoqi.guo@gmail.com

마리오 아마 토 (온타리오), 이사

mario amato bio picture 2

마리오 아마 토,


Mario Amato's Details

Mario Amato is a Registered Acupuncturist and Practitioner of Chinese Medicine in his hometown of Chatham-Kent. He holds a BSc from the University of Western Ontario, then completed 4 years of study (포함 24 months of clinical training) in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Institute of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, in London Ontario.

He opened a clinic in Chatham in September 2000, where he continues to operate a full time private practice. He is joined by his office administrator, Crystal Muharrem.

Phone: (519) 351-6539

이메일: marsmars@aurocom.com

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