PCC Committee Meeting #9: 12-06-2016

PCC Committee Meeting #9
Meeting Agenda
12月 6, 2016 @ 12:00午後EST

Meeting Facilitator: ジェーンチャン, Chair PCC Committee & VP, 対外関係, CMAAC
Invitees: マリオアマート (Practitioner, オン), ジャスティンの匂い (Practitioner, オン), ジェイソン・タット (Practitioner, BC & Regional Rep, CMAAC), ブレンダン·ドラン (Student Practitioner, オン), 清張 (Practitioner, NS), ライアン・ツィ・ワイロングネカー (Practitioner, 観察), Hui Zhang (Practitioner, 観察)

  1. Welcome & Roll Call –
  2. Adopt Agenda: 12月 6, 2016, Meeting #9
  • Approval of minutes from last meeting November 22, 2016
  1. CMAAC Matters
    1. CMAAC Brochures
    2. Acupuncture Canada Consultation – December 7; https://www.acupuncturecanada.org/
  • Consultant conducting research on behalf of Acupuncture Canada, and we would like to hear our opinions as part of their strategic planning process. This research will be one of the most important inputs to help Acupuncture Canada make strategic decisions and focus its efforts.


  1. TCMの開業医の専門学校 & Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO) Matters
    1. CTCMPAO – Membership alignments: Response and discussion with committee
    2. CTCMPAO Council Meeting – December 14
  2. Regional Matters
    1. ブリティッシュコロンビア州 (ジェイソン)
    2. ニューブランズウィック州 (Hui Zhang)
    3. ノバスコシア州 (清張)
    4. オンタリオ (Jane/Mario)
  • TCMの評議会 & オンタリオ州の鍼灸学校,en (CTCMASO) & メッセージを統一協会
    1. オンタリオオピオイドの戦略の計画に係合に関する予備的思考
      • 米国
        1. Consider strategy in US as this has been the same problem > Acupuncture Now Foundation has led campaign: https://acupuncturenowfoundation.org/2016/01/the-joint-acupuncture-opioid-task-force/
      • BC
        1. Consider what the strategy in BC is, keeping in mind that TCM has been on their healthcare scene longer and they may have a more established Opioid strategy already
      • CMAAC to work with other organizations and support unity
        1. Chamber of Chinese Herbal Medicine of Canada (CCHMC)
        2. Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine (CSCMA)
        3. OAATCM/TCMPAC
      • Other Matters
        1. Previous minutes from meeting #8
        2. European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association (ETCMA) Symposium
          – 分ETCMA北米国際会議
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