PCC Committee Agenda: 2016-11-22

PCC Committee Meeting #8
Meeting Agenda
November 22, 2016 @ 12:00pm EST

Meeting Facilitator: Jane Cheung, Chair PCC Committee & VP, External Relations, CMAAC
Invitees: Mario Amato (Practitioner, ON), Justin Ngui (Practitioner, ON), Jason Tutt (Practitioner, BC & Regional Rep, CMAAC), Brendan Dolan (Student Practitioner, ON), Qing Zhang (Practitioner, NS), Ryan Tze-Wai Longenecker (Practitioner, observing), Hui Zhang (Practitioner, observing)
I. Welcome & Roll Call

II. Adopt Agenda: November 22, 2016, Meeting #8

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting October 18, 2016

IV. CMAAC Matters
a) AGM Oct. 29
1. New By-Laws
b) Malpractice Insurance
c) International Society of Complementary Medicine Research
1. InCAM – Canadian Branch
i. Research Symposium Nov.18-19, 2016 in Toronto, ON
b. TCM SIG proposal
d) Student Membership
i. online application
ii. application package
iii. visiting acupuncture and TCM Schools
e) CMAAC Brochures

V. College of TCM Practitioners & Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO) Matters
a) Response to By-Law Amendment (TCM PCC): Consultation for By-Law Amendment to Align the Membership Renewal Year End with the Fiscal Year End Deadline: Dec. 3, 2016

VI. Regional Matters
a) British Columbia (BC)
b) New Brunswick (Hui Zhang)
c) Nova Scotia (Qing Zhang)
i. CEU course promotion
d) Ontario (Jane/Mario/Ryan)
i. Council of TCM & Acupuncture Schools of Ontario (CTCMASO) & Associations unifying message
ii. Preliminary thoughts on engaging Ontario Opioid’s strategy planning
• BC
• CMAAC to work with other organisations and support unity

VII. Other Matters
a) European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association (ETCMA) Symposium
i. Minutes ETCMA North America International meeting
b) Telus Health eClaims
i. Live webinar, Nov. 21, 2016, EST
ii. Register by Dec. 21, 2016 – Register for the free TELUS Health eClaims service by December 31, 2016 and TELUS will donate $25 to the World Wildlife Federation (up to a maximum of $2,500) to support the promotion of sustainable traditional Chinese medicine and the protection of endangered species such as tigers and rhinoceros.
iii. eClaims lets you submit acupuncture claims on behalf of your patients to 10 leading insurance companies covering 85% of privately insured Canadians. By offering eClaims to your acupuncture patients, you are reducing their out-of-pocket expenses and eliminating their need to deal with insurance claims.
iv. Register

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