PCC Committee Agenda: 2016-10-18

PCC Committee Meeting #7
Meeting Agenda
 October 18, 2016

Meeting Facilitator: Jane Cheung, Chair PCC Committee & VP, External Relations, CMAAC
Invitees: Mario Amato (Practitioner, ON), Justin Ngui (Practitioner, ON), Jason Tutt (Practitioner, BC & Regional Rep, CMAAC), Brendan Dolan (Student Practitioner, ON), Qing Zhang (Practitioner, NS), Jacqueline Fowler (Recording Secretary), Ryan Tze-Wai Longenecker (Practitioner, observing), Hui Zhang (Practitioner, observing)

  1. Welcome & Roll Call
  2. Adopt Agenda: October 18, 2016, Meeting #7
    • Approval of minutes from last meeting: October 4, 2016
    • Action Items for follow-up:
    • Action item: Justin to finalize student promo poster & create AGM poster
      • Jackie to contact ANF & NCCAOM for approval to use materials,
      • send promo links to Brendan to modify for Canadian audience
        Action item: Forward finalized CTCMPAO presentation transcript to all
        Action item: Jane to email feedback response letters (StdsPractice: Advertising) from TCMO & CMAAC to all PCC members
        Action item:
        Jane to inquire if video conferencing available for San Diego ETCMA conference
        Invite reps from ATCMA (BC Assoc) & AAQ (QC Assoc) to also participate
        Ask Jason if point injection is included in BC’s Scope of Practice?

Approval of minutes from last meeting October 4, 2016

CMAAC Matters 

International Society of Complementary Medicine Research
– Why CMAAC joined
– task force

  1. Student promo poster distribution
  2. TCM Promotion: National Pain Awareness Week promo (Brendan)
  3. AGM workshops registration update
  4. College of TCM Practitioners & Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO) Matters
  5. Response to CMAAC presentation (dated October 13, 2016) http://www.ctcmpao.on.ca/announcements/1a451458-5e91-e611-80d1-005056a97495/
  6. Council of TCM & Acupuncture Schools of Ontario (CTCMASO) & Associations unified messaging
  7. Mentorship

Regional Matters

  1. British Columbia (BC) – carried forward from last meeting *attachments*
    Natural Medicine Clinic Coordinator (NMCC) Diploma Program (5 attachments)
  2. New Brunswick: Hui Zhang
  3. Nova Scotia: Qing Zhang
  4. Ontario: Ryan Longenecker

Other Matters

  1. https://acupunctureinsurance.ca/apply/and ARIABC Program Rating > rate comparison for liability insurance (let us know what you think) *attachment*
  2. European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association (ETCMA) Symposium
    – Agenda ETCMA North America International meeting *attachment*
  3. Consultation with Canadians on the Regulation of Self-Care *attachment*
    I saw this on Facebook and thought to share the link and comment that was provided on the thread. This will impact our practice. Deadline of survey is 21.
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