2010 Chapter Reports


By Dr. Dana Mah, Chapter President

Best Wishes to the CMAAC Head Office, All Board members, Chapter Presidents and members at large here and abroad.  The year 2010 has been a year of stable and continuous progress for the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture profession here in British Columbia. 


At the present time, the College of TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists is in the process of electing six Board members, who will take office in January 2011. We send best wishes to those seeking election as a Board member and hope that they will continue in the vision to provide increased access of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a system of care in its entirety to society at large.


While we have achieved a good level of maturity with the system that has been set in place, there is still a good deal of learning and understanding of the necessities of ethics in practice to ensure equitable access for all stakeholders (which includes the public, regulatory bodies and practitioners) involved in the field. An example of this was reflected in media reports of some practitioners seeking claims for services that were never delivered.


We are heartened with the steady progress of the Transitional Council of the College of TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario and hope to see that the Ontario body will continue to see continued success and prosperity as 2011 progresses. It is a heartwarming feeling to bear witness to the vision that was set by the CMAAC, a vision that is continuing in all of the good works done by leaders in all provinces and at Head Office.


It is hoped that there is a great deal of continued progress in other provinces on their individual initiatives to bring about greater access to the services and good works offered by members of our profession. The establishment of the TCM Profession throughout Canada is a hearty goal to strive for.


On this note, we in British Columbia wish everyone best wishes in 2011, Good Health and a prosperous life in your practices and

in life.











By Dr. Philip Chau Ping Lee, Chapter Presidnet

The CMAAC Chapter President of Hong Kong, Dr. Philip Lee, received his reward from the Chinese University of Hong Kong on 13th November 2010.  This reward is presented to individuals who continuously participated in the studies at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies and has reached the age of 65.


On behalf of the CMAAC, the Hong Kong Chapter has participated in 3 health talks for the Catholic Church in different districts and 1 health talk for the Rotary Club.  So far, no Chinese Medicine practitioner in Hong Kong is interested in joining CMAAC, as there is not much benefit that one will gain from it.


The Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong enforced a very strict rule for Chinese Herbs, effective on 3.12.2010.  All herbs (raw and powder) must be certified and registered under Chinese Herbs Ordinance of Hong Kong before use by any TCM practitioner.  The Department of Health officials warn that selling, importing or possessing unregistered Chinese herbal products will be banned in Hong Kong.  Offenders face a maximum fine of HK$100,000 and two years imprisonment under the new regulations in the Chinese Medicine Ordinance.  However, residents returning from overseas with a reasonable amount for self-use will be exempted.  Up to October 31, two-thirds of 16,700 applications were granted registration as safe drugs by the Chinese Medicine Board, with 5,400 rejected due to concerns of safety and lack of information about the manufacturers.  





12 3日起《中醫藥條例》第 119條有關中成藥必須註冊的條文正式生效,任何人不得銷售、進口或管有任何未註冊的中成藥。衞生署中藥組至 10月共接獲約 1.67萬宗中成藥註冊申請,有約 9,150宗獲「確認中成藥過渡性註冊通知書」(編號為 HKP-XXXXX),另有 2,130宗獲「確認中成藥註冊(非過渡性)申請通知書」(編號為 HKNT-XXXXX)。至今沒有中成藥獲最終的「中成藥註冊證明書」。

申請中約 5,300宗即約 32%,因未能提交足夠資料被拒註冊,包括未能提交重金屬、農藥殘留及微生物報告等,意味有關中成藥將要撤出市場。
《中醫藥條例》第 143 144條有關中成藥必須附有標籤及說明書的條文,於 2011 12 1日才生效;即本周五起已註冊的中成藥,沒有在包裝上列明註冊編號亦不違法。市民要知道中成藥是否獲註冊,可到香港中醫藥管理委員會的網頁。


By Dr. Lin Liu, Chapter President

This year has been productive for the CMAAC in Manitoba.  We have taken some concrete steps toward improving access to acupuncture in Manitoba.

In May, we met with Jon Gerrard, MLA, MD, and the leader of the provincial Liberal party along with Milton Sussman, Deputy Minister of Health in Manitoba and the former Chief Operating Officer of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA).   They helped us to understand how to begin the process of regulation.  They advised us that the first step is to survey all CMAAC members to determine if regulation is desired.  Once we have determined this, the next step was to open a formal regulation application at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

We have enlisted a skilled researcher to create the survey which will be deployed to CMAAC members in early 2011.  We are also in the process of gathering information from other newly formed health practitioner associations in Manitoba in order to learn from their experience in achieving regulation.  In addition, we are in contact with the province regarding the newly passed Regulated Profession Act in order to better understand the specific requirements for achieving regulation in Manitoba.

In June, David Faurschou, MLA, introduced a Private Members’ Resolution to the legislature asking the government of Manitoba to consider granting tax deductible status for health care services provided by recognized physicians trained in alternative medical practices.   Traditional Chinese Medicine was one of the modalities named in the resolution.  In addition, a petition signed by more than 600 persons calling for the necessary change in legislation was submitted in support of the resolution.  The resolution remains on the order paper awaiting further debate.

Thank you to the following CMAAC members that worked hard to collect patient signatures and support for the resolution:

Dr. Guojian Huang, Dr. Priscilla Kerr Hatae, Dr. Lin Li, Dr. Jing Liu, Dr. Shaoli Shi, Dr. Xiuyin Wang, etc.  Special thanks to Dr. Priscilla Kerr Hatae who arranged and attended our meeting with Jon Gerrard and Milton Sussman.

We are continuing to work on this project and hope to make more headway in 2011.  




今年五月,我们与蒙尼托巴省自由党主席Jon Gerrard, MLA, MD,蒙尼托巴省卫生局副局长兼温尼伯地区卫生机构前首席执行官Milton Sussman博士会面,他们对我们学会如何开始中医立法的法律程序提出了指导意见。他们建议我们,推行中医立法的第一步,是对现有会员进行民意调查,以确定他们对立法的愿望。第一步调查工作完成以后,就可以进行下一步的工作,即向温尼伯卫生机构提出申请。




今年六月,蒙尼托巴省立法委员 David Faursch向蒙尼托巴省立法会提出了关于申请省政府考虑对包含中医师在内的有组织的替代疗法医师进行减税的提案。另外,600多人签名支持中医立法的提案书已经提交到有关部门,正在等待下一期的立法辩论(总签名1000余人,400余人因不能取得联系未计)。

在此,对下列辛勤工作为 此提案收集病人签名的CMAAC会员表示衷心的感谢。(会员名单如下)

黄国健医师,Dr.Priscilla Kerr Hatae, 李林医师 ,刘晶医师 ,史少丽医师, 王秀银医师等。 在此,特别感谢Dr. Priscilla Kerr Hatae为安排我们与Jon Gerrard Milton Sussman会面做出的贡献。


2011 年, 我们将在此基础上, 更加努力地工作,以期取得更大的成绩


By Dr. Ethne Munden, Chapter President

2010 has been a most successful year for our professional association.  We witnessed Royal Assent to our legislation on June 24th.  “Bill 17”.   We have since been diligently working on our regulations under that Bill and anticipate this to be completed very early in 2011.  Our legislation in NL is different from any other province.  Bill 17 is a canopy legislation that will govern several professions.  There will be an overarching health professionals’ council which will have two representatives from each of the professions involved.  Each profession will however have its own professional College and its own regulations.  Items such as disciplinary actions will be dealt with at the Council level.  Items such as education, ethics etc. will be under the confines of the College.  Our first set of regulations will cover TCM Acupuncture including its modalities such as Tui-na, Cupping, Moxabustion, Nutrition, Exercise, the use of items such as laser.  We are simultaneously working on our regulations for TCM Herbology, which will follow over the 2011 year and thus regulations will ultimately cover the full spectrum of the TCM profession.


Our membership will continue to increase over the 2011 year, with a new graduating class of ten pending for the month of May.  We have networked with Alberta to continue with their provincial examination.  We are benefitted greatly from their preparation and validation through their exam for our “old” and “new” graduates.  Our membership will be well prepared for mobility within the Labor force of Canada.


We are pleased to have many hands, skills and spirits working together for the benefit of the profession here in NL.  We seem to have a unified heart for what is unfolding and a common spirit to uphold things for the future.


We graciously thank all the other regulated provinces of Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario for the full and generous support that was given to our province in its final efforts towards legislation and regulation.  We could not have managed without them.


We continue to respect CMAAC and value our connection.  We respect CMAAC as having a strong voice in the outcomes for our profession in Canada.


We see a wonderful unity of the provinces that can only bring forward a great future.


Health, happiness & prosperity to all in 2011!









By Dr. Diana Tong Li 

In 2010, the Nova Scotia chapter met twice with the provincial Department of Health to discuss the regulation of acupuncture in Nova Scotia.  Working together with the Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of Nova Scotia, we have decided to come together as one voice to lobby the Government of Nova Scotia about furthering the regulation of acupuncture in Nova Scotia. Our Association continues to strengthen and grow with two additional associations in the Maritimes, now wanting to join us.

To make the drive for regulation of acupuncture in Nova Scotia more successful, our Association also fully supports the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (CCATCM) (www.acupuncturecollege.ca) the first and only college dedicated to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Atlantic Canada. We believe this College will help set a higher standard for acupuncture practice here in our Province as its students are trained to higher educational standards and require more practice hours. CCATCM has had a successful intake of students this year and we are pleased that the College is affiliated with the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in China. CCATCM graduates, as well as existing acupuncturists, have the opportunity to upgrade to a Master’s degree or Ph.D. in Acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine through Guangzhou University which is recognized world-wide. Our chapter believes that, with the support of Head Office, this unique Atlantic Canadian college will not only produce better practitioners, but also produce better standards and regulation for our profession in Nova Scotia.

There is good news to report on behalf of the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The College recently had its first open house and was honoured to have both the mayor of the city of Halifax and the local member of the provincial assembly (MLA) in attendance. The MLA, who is also the health critic for the provincial government, then went on to attend a government meeting where it is reported, she spoke highly of the College and of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In another first, Nova Scotia recently hosted its first national conference on scleroderma. CCATCM was in attendance giving acupressure treatments to convention members. Dr. Diana Tong Li, representing the Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of Nova Scotia and our CMAAC chapter was a keynote speaker at the conference. She gave a strong presentation on the foundations of TCM and the benefits of acupuncture and TCM in treating scleroderma according to her many years of clinical practice. A great deal of research is going into the cause of scleroderma which hopefully will lead to a cure. Acupuncture and its effectiveness in treating scleroderma is certainly a good news story for sufferers of this condition.

At the Association’s most recent general meeting on November 14, 2010, our chapter decided that we would like to host a national acupuncture conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 9th and 10th of July, 2011. We wish to invite all members and colleges to attend, present papers, listen to keynote speakers and learn from one another while enjoying all that beautiful Nova Scotia has to offer. We wish give thanks to CMAAC Head Office for supporting us with this exciting new endeavour. The Association looks forward to reporting good progress in its plans to host a national acupuncture and TCM conference. If any member and college are interested in lending your support to such a conference, you can contact our Association at acup@eastlink.ca


I wish everyone  good health and great success in the coming New Year


Dr. Diana Tong Li, President NS Chapter


2010, 新斯科舍省协会与健康卫生部门进行过两次会晤, 会议讨论了有关针灸的管理规定。我们决定与新斯科舍省针灸与中国传统医学协会一起共同合作来促成新斯科舍省政府有关针灸的立法。我们的协会将与东部四省的另外两个愿意加入我们协会的针灸协会洽谈合作与合并。


为了推动新斯科舍省的针灸立法成功,我们协会将继续全力支持加拿大针灸中医学院(CCATCM) CCATCM是大西洋海岸首个也是唯一专注于中国针灸及传统医学的学院。 我们坚信CCATCM 能够有助于我们在本省建立一个更高的针灸水准。CCATCM的学生接受更高的教育 标准教学,并且学院的学生接受了更多时间的针灸临床实习。


CCATCM今年成功地招收了中国,渥太华及东部省会的学生,并且学院今年与中国广州中医药大学建立了合作关系。CCATCM的毕业生与在职的针灸医生都 有机会通过世界知名的广州中医药大学进行在职继续深造以获取硕士和博士学位。我们协会坚信,在总部的大力支持下,独具一格的加拿大针灸中医学院不仅仅可以培养出优秀的针灸专业人才,也将给我们新斯科舍省专业团队建立更好的行业规范和标准。





在最近期20101114日的协会的大会中,我们协会决定在新斯科舍省于201179-10日将举办一个国家性的针灸会议,我们希望邀请所有的成员及学员出席,听取主讲嘉宾的演讲,在游览美丽的新斯科舍省的同时大家相互交流学习。我们希望总部能够 全力支持这次活动。协会期待在这次国家性针灸和中国传统医学大会的计划上有良好的进展,任何有兴趣参加这次全国性针灸会议的人士,请联系我们协会。邮箱地址是acup@eastlink.ca



李彤医生, 加拿大中医针灸协会NS省分会会长

Quebec Chapter – By Dr Gasan Askerow  

Dear friends and colleagues,


We, the members of the Québec chapter, are taking this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year blessed with the fulfillment of our goals and dreams in our personal and professional lives.  As the context in Quebec has remained basically the same, which means that there have been no outstanding advances, we none-the-less adamantly continue to promote Chinese medicine in our daily practice and serve an ever growing public.



我們魁北克分會,在此祝大家聖誕快樂,新年快樂。幸運的是,實現我們的目標和夢想在我們的個人和專業 lives.As的背景,基本上仍是魁北克同樣的,這意味著沒有出現過傑出的進展,我們堅決繼續推動中醫藥在我們的日常實踐和不斷增長的公共服務。

About CMAAC Association: