The past year has been one of continuing progression and maturation for our profession in British Columbia. Recently, the College of TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists of BC adopted the Entry Level Occupational Competencies for Canadian TCM Practice. This document is of great value for three reasons: firstly, providing a concise guideline from a practice standpoint for those just starting out their practice, secondly, the reinforcement of educational standards reflective of present day professional and legal requirements and, most notably, the document demonstrates the will and commitment towards improvement and strengthening of our profession by those directly involved in the field.  Our branch has also been following the developments in the processes involved with the regulation of Natural Health Products. There had been an on-going concern regarding impacts on product accessibility affected by the backlong involved with the registration of product applications. This has been suitably and satisfactorily addressed by the Natural Health Products Directorate through their streamlining of the application process with the use of technological and procedural solutions to expedite the procedure.  The Directorate has noted progress in dealing with the applications backlog and aims to have this resolved by next year.  The upcoming year will be an exciting as well as a challenging one. Exciting as Vancouver is ready to stage the 2010 Winter Games and will be host to the world. Challenging as there are still overlying concerns (economic, ecological and ethical) that face not only our profession, but by society at large. It is through the existence and example of a strong community that demonstrates experienced and envisioned leadership. The CMAAC is a very good example of this and, with the on-going efforts from our Presidents (past and present), Board of Directors, Chapter Presidents and all members at large, will continue to do so for many years to come.  Seasons Greetings to all and may 2010 be a year of peace, continued growth and prosperity for everyone.  

2009年對哥倫比亞省分會來講又是一個茁壯成長和專業成熟的一年。最近,哥倫比亞省中醫針灸管理學院通過了加拿大中醫專業持業者職業能力的基礎入門標準綱要。這份文件具有很大的價值的;原因如下﹕第一,為那些剛剛起步的持業者,從實踐的觀點提供了一個詳細的指導,第二,加強統一的教育標準反映了當今專業和法律的要求,第三和最重要的是該文件證明了許多直接參與的工作人員為加強和改進我們的專業所表現的決心和承諾。哥倫比亞省分會也還一直在參與涉及自然保健品的管理。自然保健產品容易受到產品的申請註冊延長,缺貨現象導致了持續的關切。自然保健產品理事會通過簡化申請程序與使用科學技術的解決方式來加快了審批程序;理事會表明明年將適當和滿意地解決這個申請延遲的問題。即將來臨的新年將是一個令人興奮和具有挑戰性的一年。溫哥華市進入令人興奮的2010年冬季奧運會準備階段。經濟,生態和倫理的挑戰,所面臨的不僅是我們的職業,並且是整個社會。社會道德和興旺社區是通過優秀會員和堅強領導所體現的。 加拿大中醫藥針灸學會是一個很好的例子;並且在我門過去和現在的會長,委員會,分會會長,和所有會員的努力下,學會將繼續發揚光大。祝願2010年事業成功,身體健康和世界平和!


在过去的一年中,由于各会员的努力,经济危机并未对曼省的中医药市场构成较大冲击,反而各项工作开展的有条不紊。最大的收获莫过于一位立法委员会委员受益于中医治疗后,主动将针灸中药抵税问题提出了动议,虽然没有通过,但20103月将再次审阅,我们亦组织了CMAAC的会员、病人联名签名支持,该议案离针灸立法成功尚有一定距离,毕竟迈出了可喜的一步。针灸、推拿、气功、养生多项课程的开展,在学员、病人中引起很大反响,不仅有利于他们及家人朋友的身体健康,更普及了中医的基本理念,推广了有深厚底蕴的中国文化,有助于当地人对中医、针灸的进一步理解和更广泛的传播。随着协会的壮大,针灸、中医药被越来越多的人认可,多数保险公司都接受了我们的注册和合约,MPI WCB和我们的合作范围也在逐步扩大,使得更多种类的病人可以受惠于中医针灸。展望未来,更多的挑战等待我们去面对,更多的工作需要我们去努力,希望来年携手共进,再创佳绩。

Last year, the financial crisis didn’t impact TCM in Manitoba significantly, perhaps due to our hard work.   It was a busy year despite the financial downturn.  We do have some exciting news with respect to working toward regulation of acupuncture in Manitoba.  On of our MLAs had good results from treatment with TCM and so he requested that the legislature look into making acupuncture tax deductible.  It did not go through, but a revised resolution will be reintroduced to the legislature in March of 2010.  In order to show the magnitude of public support for his resolution, we are organizing all CMAAC members to sign patients sign a petition and we are collecting their testimonial letters in order to show the magnitude of public support for this resolution.  Though coverage of acupuncture in Manitoba is still many years away, we have made an important first stepWe recently held our tui na, qi gong, and acupuncture course again and yet another crop of students was excited and impressed to learn more about Traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese culture.  This course helps students to understand how to take better care of their own and their family’s health and aids in spreading Chinese culture and basic TCM ideas.  The Manitoba association membership continues to grow and most insurance companies now provide coverage for acupuncture.  Our auto insurer and worker’s union is also starting to co-operate in providing coverage for certain patients on a case by case basis.  More patients are benefiting as a result of our efforts in corresponding with these agencies.  We anticipate more challenges in the year ahead, but we will continue to strive to reach more patients and teach them how they can benefit from TCM.


In 2009 our professional membership once again grew larger, with the graduation of a new  group of practitioners from the Compu College training program.  Our membership is full of spirit, support and readiness to work for the benefit of the profession and the public.  2009 was a difficult year for our Provincial Government Dept. of Health.  We had a turn  over of three Health Ministers and the promised date for our legislation moved further away  with each of these changes.  In November however, we had a very lengthy meeting with the government officials who have developed the statutory framework and procedures for our  long awaited legislation.  Our final consultations are underway.  In Newfoundland our profession will come under an “Umbrella Legislation”.  This will assist a number of health professions that do not have sufficiently high numbers to effectively maintain a regulatory structure, both in terms of cost and providing the personnel necessary to serve on the disciplinary committees.  While each  of the professions under the Umbrella Legislation will have its own independent college, representatives from each profession along with public representatives, will be linked to form an interdisciplinary council.  It is envisioned that the role of the council will be to handle registration and licensure, form a complaints authorization committee, handle all disciplinary matters, employ staff, set fees and prepare an annual report.  Each professional group will establish a college to prescribe scopes of practice, entry-to-practice requirements, standards of practice and codes of ethics.  The composition of the colleges will include professional members elected from the membership and public members chosen by college members.  The Umbrella Legislation has the firm commitment of our Government to proceed through the legislature in the spring of 2010.  We still have much to be thankful for from our Alberta mentors, who continue to conduct our provincial examinations.  This has done much to elevate the profession and allow us to give positive feedback to the school on program development.  We now have our own examiners in training to conduct the exam and will transition to our own provincial delivery of the exam when this training is completed. We continue to share in the initiative to establish National standards for Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture in Canada along with British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario.  We are proud to be assisting in the development of excellent standards for our profession in this country and in the transparent mobility of our professional workforce.  We continue to see CMAAC as integral to our progress and must extend our gratitude for the financial support given to us in 2009 which helped in our participation at the national standards meetings.  As always, we extend sincere thanks to Professor Cheung for the years of guidance he has given and even with his busy schedule on the Transitional Council, continues to give to Newfoundland. Health, happiness & prosperity to all in 2010

2009年,隨著中醫針灸專業培訓科目所培育和畢業的新一代畢業生,紐芬蘭省分會的中醫針灸專業又一次茁壯地成長和增大。我們的會員們充滿了激情,互相鼓勵;大家共同努力,為專業的廣大和社會福利不斷奮斗。同時, 就紐芬蘭省政府衛生部有關中醫立法管理事宜,2009年是艱難的一年。 我們換了三次衛生部長; 每次的更換使得衛生部所承諾的立法管理中醫專業一次又一次地延長。不過,在十一月份,我們與省政府衛生部官方人員舉行了一個時間很長的會議;在會議期間,設定了我們期待已久的專業管理的法律框架和程序。我們最後的磋商仍在進行中。在紐芬蘭省,中醫針灸專業立法將歸納到所稱雨傘保護立法;一些不具備足夠高的人數的健康衛生專業,無論是在成本方面,或提供必要的人員擔任管理委員會方面,這將幫助這些專業切實維護和建立監管立法管理體系。在雨傘保護立法的管理下,每個立法管理的專業將有自己的獨立管理院,各自管理院的代表,以及民眾代表,將組成一個各科統一管理委員會。設立管理委員會將辦理登記和執照,授權成立一個投訴委員會,處理一切違法事項,聘請工作人員,設置費用和編寫一份年度報告。 每個專業組將成立一個自己的學院,建立持業範圍,專業入門的基礎實踐標準,專業教育標準和道德守則。管理委員會將由中醫專業人員和學院所提選的民眾代表來組成。雨傘保護立法是省政府對專業立法所作出的堅定承諾﹕省政府在2010年春季通過立法。我們衷心感謝亞省的專業導師繼續幫助我們省級考試。省級考試提高了專業水平,容許我們向學院培訓發展提供積極正面的意見。 目前,我們由有自己的監測員在培訓阶段;当這項培訓完成,我们将轉移到我們自己的省級所独立的考试体系。我们繼續與加拿大各省份,包括哥倫比亞省,亞省,魁北克省和安大略省一起,為建立國家統一標準的傳統中醫藥針灸專業聯合努力。 我們很自豪能夠在全國內協助發展中醫專業隊伍, 推進專業的流動性。我們將與加拿大中醫藥針灸學會總部繼續密切聯係,并感謝總部在2009年所提供的財政支持;這有助於我們參與國家標準的會議。我們一如以往, 向張金達教授多年的領導表示衷心的感謝;張金達教授從他繁忙的安大略省中醫專業過渡管理委員的工作中,抽出時間繼續給予紐芬蘭省分會巨大的支持和鼓勵。祝願萬事如意,事業成功!

NOVA SCOTIA CHAPTER  - By Dr. Diana Tong Li 

Greetings to all from the Nova Scotia Chapter.  Like all CMAAC chapters, the Nova Scotia Chapter of CMAC has worked very hard on the promotion and development of acupuncture and TCM over the past year. One of our major achievements is that we have the members continuing to upgrade their skills and knowledge through continuing education. Our chapter invited Professor Li Chun Huang, a well-known Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture specialist, to lecture on the theory of Auricular Acupoints and treatment procedures. Professor Huang has been coming to Nova Scotia once to twice per year for the past six years. Some of our members have achieved the Master Level of the Auricular Medicine Certificates.  Our member, Dr. Frankly Chen, has completed a research paper:  A clinical study on Acupuncture and TCM in Treating Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). The research paper contained over eighteen hundred thousand (180,000.00) words. It is believed to be the first one in the world using TCM and Acupuncture treating this kind of disease. Dr. Chen started his research on this project in 1993. The clinical results show that the total effective rate was 91.56%. The abstract of this research paper was published in 2009 International Convention Traditional Medicine and Manual Techniques (Toronto) as well at the 7th World Acupuncture Congress of WFAS (France) in 2009. Dr. Chen's success story on treating environmental illness and MCS on a hospital nurse was also broadcast on the evening news television program.   Over the past eighteen years, Dr. Diana Li, our Nova Scotia Chapter’s President’s, research has been on Acupuncture and TCM Treating Infertility. Her research was published in 2009 International Convention Traditional Medicine and Manual Techniques (Toronto) and she was also invited to give a lecture on Acupuncture Treating Infertility at the National Women's Conference in Toronto October 24th, 2009.  Many of our Nova Scotia members also finished different research papers and submitted their papers at Chapter Education Meetings. We are very proud of their great achievements.   We have been continuing to lobby the Nova Scotia government on regulating acupuncture in Nova Scotia. It is very important to set up a standard on education before this goal can be reached. With the support from the CMAC head office, Oshio college of Acupuncture and Herbology, and the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we are pursuing to set up a new, private career college using the British Columbia curriculum, which will meet and exceed  the requirements of all regulating provinces. With the strong support of our members, we hope to regulate the practice of acupuncture in Nova Scotia in the near future. We want to send a special thanks to Director General  Lin Hsi Ping and Professor Wei Ling Qin for all of their support this year and hope that that the members in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec will share the experience with us and will provide informational support. We thank you again for all of your support over the past year, and we wish our fellow colleagues a healthy, happy new year!

代表諾省分會首先向大家問新年好。和所有其它加拿大中醫藥針灸學會分會一樣,諾省在過去的一年中努力地推廣和發展傳統中醫針灸。 其中一個重大的成果是我們的會員們繼續通過他們的再教育和繼續培訓,提高他們的專業技術技能和中醫知識。諾省分會邀請著名中醫針灸專家黃利春教授來講授耳穴穴位理論和治療程序。 黃教授在過去的六年中,每年來到諾省一到兩次。 有一些會員們已經到達耳針的碩士水平的醫學證明書。我們的會員, Franklin 陳醫師已經完成了一個研究論文多種化學物質靈敏度的臨床研究和中醫藥針灸治療法。 這份研究報告包括了一千八百萬文字;它被認為是第一個在世界上使用傳統中醫藥和針灸治療這種疾病的。陳醫師於1993年開始了這個研究項目;臨床結果表明治療總有效率為91 56%。這項研究論文的摘要在2009年多倫多國際傳統醫學手法大會發表;同時,在法國2009年世界針灸學會聯合會第七屆世界針灸學術大會上宣讀。在治療一所醫院的護士有關環境疾病及多種化學物質靈敏度的症狀,陳醫師的成功業績和故事在當地晚間新聞的電視節目中播放.  在過去的18年裡,我們諾省的分會會長Diana Tong Li醫師,一直在研究中醫針灸治療不孕症。她的研究成果在2009年多倫多國際傳統醫學手法大會發表;20091024日,她還被應邀到多倫多全國婦女大會上就針灸治療不孕症發表了教育演講。我們的許多成員在諾省完成了不同的研究論文,并向教育會議部門提交了論文。我們為我們分會所作出偉大成就感到非常自豪。在去年1111日,加拿大廣播電視台為他們的新聞節目來到L-C 針灸診所訪問Diana Tong Li醫師;新聞報道在感冒和流感季節,Diana Tong Li醫師應用傳統中醫藥針灸,刺激人體免疫功能,幫助市民預防疾病。 這個療法對于今年特別有用,尤其豬瘟是一個嚴重的影響健康問題。我們還在繼續於諾省省政府就有關傳統中藥藥針灸立法管理事宜交談。在實現中藥立法之前,建立統一的教育培訓標準這是非常重要的。依靠加拿大中醫藥針灸學會總部,OSHIO 針灸草藥學院,和安大略省傳統中藥藥針灸學院的支持,使用哥倫比亞省的課程,我們正在建立一個新的,私立中藥針灸專業學院;這將達到並超過所有立法省份的要求和標準。隨著我們的成員們的大力支持,我們希望在不久的將來,諾省將實現中藥針灸立法管理。我們在此對林希平主任和邱瑋玲會長不斷的關心和支持表示衷心的感謝;同時希望哥倫比亞省,亞省和魁北克省的會員們於我們共同協作,分享經驗,提供信息。我們再次感謝大家在過去的一年的支持,我們祝願各位同事身體健康,新年快樂!

Quebec Chapter – By Dr Gasan Askerow  

Here in Québec, we continue promoting Traditional Chinese medicine, and looking very much forward to the conclusion of the work on the implementation of our transitional TCM college.

 Best regards, and Merry Christmas and a Happy and Successful New Year to all,

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