2008 Chapter Reports

Annual Reports 2008

ALBERTA CHAPTER -  By Dr. King Sang Wong

2008 was a very successful year for CMAAC and we celebrated 25 years of our association. We are very happy to see the forming of a regulating college in Ontario; this is a big step forward for our profession. I would like to thank Professor Cedric Cheung and his colleagues that have been working hard for our profession. It is sad knowing Professor Cedric Cheung is no longer our president, but it is good that he is playing an important role in building the future TCM regulating college in Ontario. It is very good that we have Professor Wei Ling Qiu to be our new president, professor Wei Ling Qiu is very experienced and highly respected in our profession, I am proud to work under her leadership.  For Alberta Chapter, acupuncture has been regulated under the Alberta Government for 17 years. For almost four years, we been working for our own regulating college; recently we were informed by the government we will begin working on the college in 2009. Most of the work will finish in the first quarter of 2009.  We will need the continued support of headquarters to achieve success. Like other provinces, TCM and acupuncture continue to grow in Alberta; we have more challenges in the future that will require our colleagues to work closer together with the strong support of headquarters. Again, thanks to our president and colleagues!  On behalf of Alberta Chapter and myself, I wish all our colleagues a happy and successful New Year!    2008 年加拿大中醫藥針灸學會取得了輝煌的成就﹕我們舉辦了學會成立二十五周年的盛大宴會;同時,我們非常高興地看到了安大略省中醫針灸專業立法管理的成功,這代表了中醫專業的一大進步。 我代表分會會員們感謝張金達教授和學會總部委員會成員們為中醫專業所作出的杰出貢獻。 同時,我們非常悲傷地知道張金達教授不再是我們的會長了,但是我們意識到張金達教授任安省中醫師及針灸師管理局過渡委員會主席所擁有的重要角色和挑戰性責任。 我們也非常高興地知道邱瑋玲教授擔任替代學會會長的職位; 邱瑋玲教授是非常有經驗,非常受尊敬的老前輩。 我們非常自豪的在她的領導之下。在第一季度的2009年, 大部分工作準備工作將能夠完成。 沒有學會總部的全力支持, 我們的這一巨大成功不會發生的。 謝謝!像其他省份一樣,傳統中醫藥針灸專業在亞省茁壯地成長,我們在將來會遇到更多挑戰,需要學會總部的全力支持。 再次, 感謝學會的會長和同行們。代表亞省分會的會員們和我自己, 衷心地祝願大家新年快樂。


2008 proved to be a year of continuing and steady progress. On April 1st, 2008, BC became the first province to provide supplementary benefit payments for acupuncture under the Medical Services Plan. This will make acupuncture available for those who are premium assistance recipients and offer them a wider range of healing modes. On the regulatory front, activities of the College demonstrated steady growth with a good number of candidates (101 taking the Herbology written examination and 180 writing the Acupuncture written exam in 2008) and continue with a very proactive methodology in addressing any changes those impacts on the TCM profession. We express our on-going support for the College's work and encourage them to continue with their mandate for the benefit of society at large.  This reflects well on constant and steady effort founded on a vision based on the principle of commitment to the profession, service to their fellow human being, on-going lifelong education and compassion towards others - qualities exemplified by Professor Cheung and all members of the CMAAC.  May the year 2009 bring to everyone sustained growth and progress. The Best of the Season to everyone from CMAAC British Columbia!    2008年又是一個不斷發展和進步的一年。在200841日,哥伦比亚省成為第一個省份根据医疗服务計劃為針灸療法,政府提供额外津贴付款。這將使得需求針灸療法的病人得到應有的治療和提供他們各種各樣醫治用的方式。 在中醫管理方面, 中醫管理院取得了顯著的工作進展﹕ 101名獲取了中草藥考試執照, 180名獲得了針灸考試執照。並且繼續通過積極的宣傳工作,影響和推動專業發展。我們表達我們對管理院衷心感謝, 并鼓勵管理學院繼續為保護社會民眾的安全努力履行他們的權利。 傳統中醫藥針灸本身象征了全力為民服務,全心鑽研業務和發揚光大專業;張金達教授和其它學會的同行們已一生的奮斗證明了中醫精神。在2009年, 祝願大家不斷進步!


HONG KONG CHAPTER By Dr. Philip Chau Ping Lee, Hong Kong Chapter has conducted three health talks for the elderly in two churches and one community center.  Elderly in Hong Kong were concerned very much about how to avoid sicknesses, maintain good health and physical fitness.  It is well known that most elderly are in favor of taking Chinese Medicine and acupuncture instead of western medicine.  However, due to a lack of government and voluntary sector support to provide free Chinese medicine and treatment (e.g. acupuncture), many elderly are not able to receive medical attention, and continue to suffer from a variety of illnesses. The number of Chinese Medicine Practitioners is increasing each year, by the end of July 2008, there were 5,554 registered CMPs, 75 CMPs with limited registration, and 2,843 listed CMPs. It is interesting to know that Hong Kong CMPs can practice in China as soon as they have satisfied the requirement from “The National Qualification Examination for Doctors”.  According to the "Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA)", Hong Kong permanent residents who have acquired a full-time Chinese medicine degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Baptist University or the University of Hong Kong are eligible to legally practice in Hong Kong and could apply to the Council Secretariat to take the National Qualification Examination for Doctors (Traditional Chinese Medicine) on the condition that they have completed one year's internship in a level III traditional Chinese medicine hospital in the Mainland and have passed the performance test, or that they have been licensed to practice in Hong Kong for more than one year with a valid practicing certificate after acquiring the aforementioned academic qualification and the eligibility to practice in Hong Kong.  On behalf of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Practitioners, I would like to wish all members in Canada a Happy Chinese New Year.   2008年, 加拿大中醫藥針灸學會香港分會在二個教會和一個社区活动中心分別舉辦了三次健康保健養生的講座。在香港,退休長輩們都非常关注身體健康,如何避免生病,和養生之法。 很是明確,年老長輩們傾向于傳統中醫藥針灸療法,不是西醫療法。然而, 黨政的政府和私人中醫診所對貧窮老人提供非常有限的支持和免費中醫針灸治療,許多老年人沒有能夠接受應有的醫療護理,繼續遭受病痛的折磨。香港中醫針灸專業人員每年都在增加。 到20087月為止, 已有5554名專業人員注冊登記執照,75名專業人員具有有限的注冊執照,2843名專業人員被列出他們的名字。一個非常興奮的好消息﹕只要香港的中醫藥針灸專業人員能夠通過「全國醫師資格考試」,他們能夠獲得機會在中國大陸行醫。 根據 " 大陸和香港經濟合作合同(CEPA) ",從香港中國大學,香港基督大學,和香港大學畢業所獲得醫師執照的香港永久居民,可以向領事會秘书長申請參加全國中醫針灸醫師資格考試。前提是他們必須在大陸具有三級水平的中醫醫院實習一年,通過考試,或者在香港獲得學術資格和行醫執照,并行醫一年以上。代表香港分會的全體會員們, 我在此衷心的祝願加拿大全體同行們一個愉快的中國新年。


This year we have many things to celebrate,   such as the 25th anniversary of the CMAAC, the regulation of TCM and acupuncture in Ontario, Professor Cheung’s election to the transitional council and Prof. Wei Ling Qiu on her appointment to president of the CMAAC.  As members of the CMAAC, we are proud of the developments that have taken place across Canada, we are confident that these changes will aid in our work in the future. With the help of the CMAAC board, the MB chapter has been participating actively in the growth of TCM in Manitoba and has been protesting Bill C-51.  We had a meeting with a Member of Parliament and practitioners of other alternative health care modalities to discuss the implications of Bill C-51 and the benefits of TCM for Manitobans. He was very supportive of TCM and was receptive to our concerns.  We held a brief course in TCM to help educate patients, and we received positive media coverage on television, and in newspapers and magazines.  Meanwhile, we have been increasing communications with western M.D.s, physiotherapists, and chiropractors to help them better understand not only the tremendous benefits of acupuncture, but also of Chinese herbal medicine. 

We have also managed to gain the membership of several highly skilled new practitioners of TCM in Manitoba making it possible to provide more kinds of service next year, not only to raise the average level of the association, but also can open multiple courses to suit different requirements. I believe their presence here will be of great benefit to the growth of TCM in MB.  The current economic status requires us to unite as a big family and to be more self-disciplined in order to restore market order. The successful legislation in other provinces provides us with rich experience. We will continue promoting legislation in Manitoba next year and in the future. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year   今年可谓多喜臨門,首先是CMAAC成立25周年,安省立法成功,再是張金達會長榮任安省中醫師及針灸師管理局過渡委員會主席,及邱瑋玲教授當選CMAAC會長。作為CMAAC的一員,見證學會的逐步發展與壯大,社会影响逐步深入而广泛,我們為此深感驕傲與自豪,也對将来的工作充滿了信心。在總會的幫助扶持下,曼省的每一位會員都積極參與,為中醫藥的發展盡心盡力。今年在反對C-Bill 51過程中,我們與其他自然療法的同仁共同努力,組織會員及病人召見議員,力陳中醫藥針灸對加拿大民眾帶來的幫助,得到議員的認可。我們積極舉辦學習班,接受報紙、電視臺、雜志等媒體的采訪,進一步宣傳傳統醫學,同時加強與西醫醫生、脊柱醫生及理療師的交流,使他們在接受針灸治療的基礎上,進一步認識中藥的神奇療效。吸收高質量的會員是我們今年的另一大收獲,这使得明年的工作得以顺利展开,既可拓展服务范围,提高学会的整体水平,又可以积极举办多层次培训班,以适应不同人群的需要,相信他們的到來會對我們的工作有莫大的幫助。经济形势促使我们团结一致,进一步做到市场的规范、有序化。其他地区中医立法的成功给我们提供了更多宝贵的经验,明年及今后我们也将加强立法的推动工作。最后祝大家圣诞快乐,新年愉快。



2008 has witnessed much growth in our professional association.  Our membership has increased significantly and has become infused with new spirit.   While we had anticipated that legislation would move forward for us during the 2008 year, this was not the case.  Our government’s Dept. of Health was required to focus on other serious problems which took precedence.  However, a late summer meeting with our Department of Health has left us assured that legislation will indeed move forward.  Fate has also intervened and though we have had a recent cabinet shuffle, Minister Ross Wiseman has been retained in the position of Health Minister.  Meetings for early New Year should see our profession re-gain legislative momentum.  2008 was a fast paced year, our members gathered for tutorials, boot camps and a safety course.  In May of 2008 the first provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture examinations were conducted under the auspices of visiting professionals from Alberta.  A second set of exams was conducted in the fall of 2008 and a third is pending for June 2009.  This process, now firmly in place in Newfoundland, will assure the preparedness of our professionals for “protecting the public” the very foundation of legislation.  Our province has as well entered into discussions regarding the development of standards for mutual recognition and labor mobility between the regulated provinces and also Newfoundland.   We are very proud of this arrangement and to be part of any initiative to establish National standards for Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture in Canada.  In light of the Canada Labor Mobility Act now moving forward for 2009, we feel we have taken a most positive step, one that we would encourage every province to take. We have much to be thankful for from our Alberta mentors. Through such processes, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture can be practiced and received under a canopy of assurance, acknowledgement and acceptance and enjoy the respect this profession has toiled for and earned over thousands of years.  We see only positive outcomes for the profession from such efforts and agreements.  As always, we extend sincere thanks to Professor Cheung for the years of guidance he has given to Newfoundland.  We have seen CMAAC as integral to our progress up to now.  We are pleased that Prof. Cheung now sits as president, alongside Emily Cheung, Registrar for the profession on the transitional council for the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario. The joining of the Ontario voice to those of British Columbia, Alberta , Quebec and including Newfoundland, will further the stability and strength of the profession in Canada.  2008年我們中醫藥針灸專業茁壯成長。更多的會員們加入紐芬蘭省分會,使得分會增添新的力量。我們本希望2008年期間專業立法將有更大進展;由于省衛生部門集中精力到其它重要的問題,中醫立法最終沒有更多的進展。但是,2008年夏季與省衛生部的交談會議上,政府官員保證我們會著手辦理中醫立法。雖然政府最近內閣拖曳,Ross Wiseman 大臣還是保持了他的衛生部長的位置。 希望2009年初的政府會議將會推動立法的進展。2008年同時是工作繁忙的一年; 分會會員們舉辦了專業培訓和安全醫療的講座。20085月, 在從亞省前來參觀的中醫專家的贊助下,我省第一次舉辦了省中醫藥針灸專業考試。 2008 年秋季我們舉辦了第二次考試,並且將在20096月舉辦第三次考試。 紐芬蘭現已奠定了牢固的基礎,這將為保證公民的安全, 推動中醫憲法管理的進展。我們省份同時開始討論設立各大專業的互相承認,和各大省份之間的專業流動。我們非常自豪地成為設立傳統中醫藥針灸全國同一標準的一個組成部分;根據加拿大專業劳动力流動法案將在2009年進一步的推動, 我們感到我們采取了一個正確的步驟;同時, 我們鼓勵其它省份也采用。我們感激亞省的中醫長輩給予我們極大的幫助。 通過立法管理的過程,傳統中醫藥針灸專業可以發揚光大, 并保證專業的聲譽,使得這個古老專業贏得真正得尊敬。 我們為中醫專業的前途充滿信心。在此, 我們就張金達教授的多年來的指導和關心致以衷心的感謝。 加拿大中醫藥針灸學會是我們中醫立法成功的奠基。 我們非常興奮地看到張金達教授成為安省中醫師及針灸師管理局過渡委員會的主席,和張關亮冰女士成為省中醫師及針灸師管理局注冊總監。安大略省中醫專業立法的成功,加上哥伦比亚省, 亞省,魁北克省和紐芬蘭省的中醫發展,將推動專業在加拿大全國範圍內的全面發展。祝願大家新年好!

NOVA SCOTIA CHAPTER By Dr. Diana Tong Li  In 2008, the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada celebrated its 25th anniversary in Toronto.  Over the past twenty five years, our Association has made indomitable endeavour to the Regulation of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Especially, Prof. Cheung, the leader of the Association, has done enormous work promoting the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, ensuring safety of Canadian citizens, and uniting professional practitioners together.  The Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association has gained a great reputation not only in Canada, but also around the world.  During 2008, the Legislation of the Profession has come to be a reality, and Prof. Cheung has been appointed as President of Transitional Council of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario.  CMAAC has made a great contribution to the development of the Profession through its efforts for over twenty five years.  Nova Scotia Chapter will continue to support Head Office as always, and we hope in the near future, the Regulation of Profession will be established in our province.  Nova Scotia has also made the tremendous effort during 2008 regarding legislation.  In August, I represented the Association in a talk with a provincial government official who was responsible for legislation on the matter of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture; we had great communication and mutual understanding.  Under the guidance of Head Office, we hope the progress of Regulation will be accelerated in 2009.  The members of Nova Scotia Chapter have paid great attention on continuing education and promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.  The Chapter has organized the members to visit China to take advanced professional courses for the past two years.  The renowned professors and experts also visited our province to give lectures and promote new acupuncture methods.  More and more practitioners continue to join our Chapter, and we work closely to serve the public.  In the mean time, our Chapter used media TV and local newspapers to continuously promote Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and provide great benefit for Canadians. In the New Year, our Chapter will continue working towards our goal.  We express our deep appreciation to Prof. Cheung, other Chapter presidents and the Board of Directors for their endless support. We wish a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2009 to all of you!  加拿大醫藥針灸學會在2008年慶祝了她第25個周年紀念日。在過去的25年中,學會為為爭取傳統中醫藥和針灸在加拿大的立法地位,做出了百折不撓的努力。張金達會長帶領眾會員為發展中醫藥針灸事業,維護廣大中醫師和針灸師的合法利益,做了大量工作。不但在加拿大,而且在世界針聯上都享有很好的地位。安省的成功立法,張金達會長被選為安省中醫和針灸管理局過渡委員會主席,都表明CMAAC25年中對中醫和針灸在加拿大的發展做出了的巨大貢獻。諾省分會將會一如既往的支持總會的工作,希望在不久的將來,在總會的指導下爭取在諾省立法。 諾省分會在2008年在立法工作上也做出了突破性的成績。在今年8月中旬,我代表諾省分會同省健康部負責立法的官員就中醫針灸立法之事進行了一次很好的交流,我們將在總會的支持下,加速立法的進展。 諾省會員非常注重再繼續教育,近二年分會都組織會員前去中國進修,每年都請著名專家前來舉行講座,提交會員的專業水準。諾省的會員將以倍增的速度在發展,以滿足當地人民對中醫針灸的要求。我們很注重通過電臺,報紙和社會團體來宣傳中醫和針灸,使更多的加國人民受益于優秀的中醫針灸療法。 最後,再次感謝總會及張會長對我們分會工作的支持。祝總會在新的一年裏工作更上一層樓,各位同仁身體健康,萬事如意!

Quebec Chapter – By Dr Gasan Askerow               

The outgoing 2008 year was both memorable and successful for CMAAC. Our 25th anniversary coincided with the establishment of the Transitional Council of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario.  The Québec chapter’s activity was mainly to support this process and increase membership, which we continue to do. I take this opportunity to congratulate all our members and leaders for the job done and wish a happy, successful, peaceful and fruitful year 2009 to all. 2008 年對加拿大中醫藥針灸學會來講,是一個巨大成功和永遠難忘的一年﹕學會成立二十五周年的慶祝大會在安省舉辦;傳統中醫藥針灸專業過渡管理委員會在安省的成立;我們學會一些成員們同時被選舉到管理委員會幫助建立專業管理院。魁北克省分會在2008年里一直支持學會總部的立法工作,協助專業管理委員會成立的過程,和吸收更多的會員加入加拿大中醫藥針灸學會。 在此, 我代表分會向學會的全體會員們,學會總部和委員會員們致以衷心的新年祝賀


On behalf of Saskatchewan Chapter, and myself I would like to extend our gratitude to Professor Cedric Cheung and head office for continued support to the professional regulation in Ontario. Saskatchewan Chapter has kept very close contact and observation with its evolvements for many years, we are proud of this achievement. We’d like to express many thanks to President Cheung and too many others who persevered and endeavored. We are very proud that our past president of CMAAC Professor Cedric Cheung is so much involved in this process of professional regulation in Ontario and has become the President of Transition Council of CTCMPAO. I have been the chapter president in Saskatchewan for the past 15 years and have had the wonderful opportunity to work for CMAAC with the leadership of Professor Cedric Cheung; I am aware of the importance and quality of his work and capabilities.  I am continually impressed with his wisdom and skills and believe he is a good choice for this professional regulation committee. It was a very successful year 2008 for CMAAC. We celebrated 25 years of our history with hard work and dedication. Professor Cedric Cheung has lead CMAAC for 25 years and made so many contributions to Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture profession. Now that he has moved on from the position of the president of CMAAC, we feel a loss. We are very pleased that Professor Wei Ling Qiu takes on the role of president; she is very well experienced and highly respected in the community. I am sure we will be working very closely with her and will continue to support her.  Saskatchewan Chapter has continually grown during the past year.  However, many of our members have a very starving practice in their local cities. Some members have growing and respectable practices, and some of them expended their clinics and offices to have more qualified professionals practicing.  Since Saskatchewan Chapter’s members are spread over a large area, we have very little opportunity to visit each other. However, we continue to communicate with many of our outstanding Acupuncturist and TCM doctors. We support and help each other in many ways. On behalf of Saskatchewan Chapter and myself, I am sending my best wishes to all of you for this holiday season and a very happy New Year 2009!   代表沙省分會的全體會員們和我自己, 在此我向張金達教授和學會總部致以崇高的敬意。 沙省分會與學會總部數十年來密切聯係, 目睹安省中醫立法的艱難奮斗過程,我們為安大略省的立法成功而自豪。 同時, 我們也為張金達教授成為安省中醫師及針灸師管理局過渡委員會主席的重要組成人員而興高彩烈。我本人承擔沙省分會會長的職位已有十五年,我非常榮幸地在張金達教授的領導下工作,對張教授的智慧和能力留下深刻印象。 毫無疑問,過渡委員會作為了正確的決定選擇張金達教授來管理。2008年是加拿大中醫藥針灸學會成功的一年。 我們慶祝了學會成立二十五周年;張金達教授領導學會二十五年來,為中醫藥針灸專業發展作出了杰出的貢獻。 張金達教授離開學會是我們重大的損失;然而,張金達教授還能夠應有他的觀瞻遠屬,繼續指導中醫全面發展。 邱瑋玲教授接受了替代會長的職位;邱教授具有數十年的臨床經驗,在社會團體非常受尊敬。 我們將全力支持邱瑋玲教授的工作,在她的領導下發揚中醫。沙省在2008年繼續發展;更多的會員參加了沙省分會。 許多的分會成員們在他們的當地擁有很好聲望的診所, 其它會員們也在增加他們的行醫範圍, 增添新的辦公室和同行合作。 沙省地大人稀,會員之間有很少機會真正地互相拜访。 但是, 我們有許多通信來往,在許多方面互相幫助支持。 代表沙省和我自己, 我衷心地祝願大家新年快樂!



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