2007 chapter report

2007 chapter report

BRITISH COLUMBIA CHAPTER - By Dr. Dana Mah, Chapter president

CMAAC British Columbia sends a heartfelt Season's Greetings to Professor Cheung, CMAAC Board Members, Fellow Chapter Presidents and all members at large.2007 was marked with three significant events that signify the continuing growth and ongoing strengthening of our profession. In September, a delegation representing the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM) paid a historic visit to Vancouver. The group, headed by SATCM Deputy Director General Dr. Yu Wenming, met with the College of TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists of BC to exchange ideas on the regulation of the profession and to conduct an initial study on a Memorandum of Understanding between the organizations. On October 9 the Provincial Government made the announcement that Acupuncture will be made more accessible to more British Columbians through changes to the Medical Services Plan (MSP) starting in April 2008. The inclusion of Acupuncture in the MSP is a significant development and in his announcement, BC Minister of Health George Abbott noted that "...acupuncture treatments prevent illness and manage existing health problems... The patient will be covered under the plan for treatments provided by registered practitioners for a diagnosed condition, for a maximum of 10 visits. This is a significant moment for the profession and for society as there have been many requests and questions by citizens regarding easier access to TCM healing modes. A big step has been taken and there will be more to come. In the same month, the College also made application to Federal Court seeking an injunction against the Council of Natural Medicine College of Canada over their use of the designations R.Ac. And D.T.C.M., titles that are conferred on qualified registrants under law in BC. The titles are reflective of the training and expertise of the registrant who has satisfied the requirements of licensure and must be protected to ensure the safety of society at large. The events noted above are robust indicators of a strong profession that has made and will continue to make great progress. With strong visionaries such as Professor Cheung and a strongly unified group like the CMAAC keeping the faith in our profession and constantly holding to the aim of educating the public, the profession will continue to upkeep its valued and historic legacy. Thanks to Professor Cheung and to everyone with the CMAAC for your unwavering vision and faith. Best Wishes to all in 2008. Success, Longevity and Peace to everyone! 2007 年在哥倫比亞省,三次重大事件標記了中醫藥針灸專業的不斷成長和日益強大。 在20079, 代表中國國家中醫藥管理局的代表團(SATCM)到溫哥華進行了一次歷史性訪問。代表團成員們,由 局長YuWenming 博士帶領, 與哥倫比亞省中醫藥針灸管理院的同行們會面,在專業立法事宜上交換想法, 并開展了在各大組織之間有於協議備忘錄的最初研究工作。 在同年109 日省政府做了公告, 通過明年4月醫療服務計劃的變動(MSP),更多的哥倫比亞省的公民們將容易尋求到針灸療法。醫療服務計劃的變動(MSP) 包括針灸療法是一件重大發展;在他的公告, 哥倫比亞省衛生廳廳長George Abbott 閣下宣稱: "... 針灸療法預防疾病防和治療現有的健康問題..." 。保險公司為以醫療確診病人的注冊中醫工作人員提供十次針灸治療包銷。這對中醫專業工作人員是一個重大時刻,并為要求中醫針灸療法的社會公民提供了更容易的途徑。這是個巨大的步驟並且未來將會有更多的好消息... 在同年同月, 中醫管理院同時向聯邦法庭提出了申請就有關反對加拿大自然醫學管理院委員會采用中醫針灸專業的職業頭銜 ,列如R. Ac. D.T.C.M.;根據哥倫比亞省法律只有合格的注冊登記中醫針灸專業人員方可采用這些專業頭銜。專業頭銜標記了專業人員的訓練和專門技術符合執照的要求, 同時確保社會和民眾醫療安全。以上這些重大事件標記了中醫針灸領域是一個強大的專業,並且將繼續獲得偉大的進展。我們擁有堅強領導者譬如張金達教授,一個緊密團結一齊和保持堅定信念的組織(CMAAC),和不斷地向公眾宣傳的奮斗目標, 中醫專業將繼續發揚它的歷史的輝煌成就。感謝張金達教授和所有會員們,同行們所擁有的不動搖的視覺和信念。祝願2008 年成功,長壽和平和!

HONG KONG CHAPTER- By Dr. Philip Chau Ping Lee, chapter president

Chinese medicine practitioners’ status in Hong Kong is becoming more recognized by the public, soon all registered practitioners will be authorized to issue sick certificates to patients. However, for those Chinese medicine practitioners with “Listed” status, the authority insists that they must pass the Registered Chinese medicine practitioners examination to obtain such authorization. Currently, there are a total of 5532 registered Chinese medicine practitioners and 2849 “Listed” Chinese medicine practitioners. In addition, there are still small numbers of non-registered Chinese medicine practitioners practicing illegally in Hong Kong, some of whom claim that no one in the authority is qualified to examine their experience and qualifications. Considering the risk involved, it is a surprise that some patients are still interested to visit these illegally practicing practitioners. On behalf of the association, three health talks were held in the Catholic community’s aging group. Taking this opportunity, we would like to wish all members in Canada a Happy New Year. 只要所有登記的中醫醫師受權頒發病例假,傳統中醫藥針灸專業的醫療醫師在香港聲譽將會提高得很快。不過, 那些僅僅 ‘列名’的中醫工作人員還在為他們的持業權利爭取。但是, 政府黨政機構堅持他們必須通過傳統中醫藥針灸醫師登記考試,才能取得如此權利。在香港共有5532名登記注冊的中醫醫師;還有2849名‘列名’的中醫工作人員。目前, 還是有少數人沒有登記,不合法地在香港行醫;其中一部分人聲明沒有任何的政府機構和權利能夠核查他們的行醫經驗和資格。 很是驚訝的看到還是有一些病人有興趣,冒風險到如此人看病。 這一年來,分會在羅馬教會團體舉行了三個衛生健康討論會。在此我代表全體分會會員,向大家祝賀新年好。

MANITOBA CHAPTER-By Dr. Lin Liu – chapter president

Since the New Year is approaching fast, on behalf of the Manitoba Chapter, we will take this opportunity to summarize our progress in the past year. Under the help of the Head Office, and the effort of all members of our Chapter, we have done massive work in the following areas. (1) We diligently worked hard to bring honour to Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture. In the past few years, in various local areas, our members utilized many different kinds of opportunities to positively publicize our profound Chinese medicine pharmacology and theory to local citizens. After numerous lectures and meetings, more citizens have come to a better understanding of our medicine. As a result, the public has shown greater interest in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, herbs, Chinese massage, and physical therapy. Our province has built a strong foundation for future legislation and further development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. (2) By communicating with local authorities we are better prepared for the Chinese medicine and Acupuncture legislation. Our Chapter has contacted local health organizations and introduced our activities, and sought their advice on the development of our profession. In order to be in alignment with international and North American health care trends, the provincial government has allowed for greater focus on Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture; furthermore, it will have a big influence in the legislation of our profession. (3) We continued to expand communications with local medical service health insurance organizations and strengthened the medical services. In order to facilitate the demands of going to see a doctor, and to promote the development of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, we have made a tremendous effort and obtained great respect from local citizens. More and more members of our Chapter are receiving insurance coverage of their practice, which greatly increases convenience and financial support for clients. Meanwhile, our profession has expanded in clinical management, practice, scope and scale. (4) Raising the standards for recruiting new members to our Chapter, and establishing a process of examining and assessing them will further advance the reputation of our practice. This will simultaneously help new members understand and be familiar with the local government’s health policies, while improving their specialized areas and skills. These efforts and many others continue to further enhance our high standards. (5) We strengthened the inter-working relation, and increased communication with Western medicine doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists, and as a result, more local doctors and clients now better understand Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture treatment. This phenomenon has helped the exchange of technologies and clarified misunderstandings, creating a better environment for the further enhancement of our profession. In the next year, we will continue our efforts toward the objectives and goals we have set. We will work to continue to make new contributions to the development of Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture.加拿大中醫藥针灸學会: 在新的一年即将来临之际, 代表蒙尼托巴分会对过去一年的工作如下总结和汇报。在过去的一年里,我分会在总会的指导帮助下,全体会员在过去工作的基础上,同心协力,锐意进取, 在以下几个方面做了大量工作。(1)努力宣传中医药理论,继续弘扬中医药传统文化。近几年来,在当地各地区,我会会员通过各种途径,利用各种机会,积极向当地不同民族的民众宣传祖国博大精深的中医药理论及传统文化理念。经过我会会员的宣传及临床实践,对当地社会公众的医疗保健观念的转变起到了积极影响,对针灸、推拿及物理疗法、各种天然药物及中草药的关注和兴趣也越来越浓厚。中医药在我省面临积极正面的发展势头,为今后的中医中药立法和进入加拿大的国民医疗保健体系打下了良好的基础,也为中国的传统中医文化在加拿大的发展创造了良好的环境。(2)积极与地方政府的卫生机构沟通,为针灸中医立法做准备。我会负责人及会员,在与当地卫生机构的接触过程中,积极主观能动作用,向地方卫生官员介绍中医药在当地的活动情况,征询他们对中医药临床工作中的意见和认识。顺应国际及北美自然健康疗法的形势,当地省政府对中医、中药及传统及现代针灸疗法也更加重视,这对今后的中医立法工作将有很大帮助。(3) 继续扩大与当地医疗卫生保险机构的沟通,进一步提高医疗服务。为了方便病患者的就医需求,促进中医药的发展,随着我们工作的深入,针灸医学不断地被当地民众了解和接受,越来越多的会员获得当地保险公司核准报销范围,大大方便了病患者,使接受中医药治疗的病人数量有了进一步的提高。同时由于当地民众对针灸中药的需求增加,不少诊所的经营范围和规模都有不同程度的扩大和发展。(4) 进一步严格新会员入会考核制度,同时对考核过关的新会员给与多方面的支持和帮助。今年我们按照总会的要求,对新申请入会的会员进一步加强了入会考核审查,并帮助他们进一步了解和熟悉当地政府的卫生政策及病患者的医疗特点,帮助他们进一步提高个人专业素质,发现问题及时处理。对老会员要求他们进一步努力学习及钻研祖国传统医学,不断提高医疗质量。这些工作为提高当地中医临床工作的整体水平起到了积极作用。(5) 加强横向联系,增加同西医医生,脊柱医生 (Chiropractor)及物理治疗师的沟通,使更多当地医生和病人进一步了解针灸中医中药,积极介绍中医药理论及临床治疗方法,进一步加强与当地医务人员的技术交流,消除他们对中医药认识上的偏差和误解,为中医药的发展创造更好的专业环境。在明年的工作中,我们将继续针对分会面临的新形势,进一步加强与当地卫生机构的接触和沟通,不断向当地民众宣传和推广中医药知识,进一步把好新会员入会关,继续发扬光大传统中医药针灸医学在当地民众中的影响,为针灸协会在蒙尼托巴省的发展做出新的贡献。

NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR CHAPTER-By Dr. Ethne Munden, chapter president

2007 has been a busy and exciting year regarding the growth of our profession in Newfoundland. A springtime meeting with our Health Minister Mr. Ross Wiseman was productive, resulting in a promise for legislation during the 2008 year. We hope our political progress for the profession in Newfoundland maintains this hard won momentum. As you know from previous reports, 2005 saw the establishment of the three-year Acupuncture program in our province. November of 2007 witnessed the graduation of the first twelve. We have just accepted twelve new members into our association. What a great new energy! We are fully confident that our new graduates will propel the profession to new heights. For a number of years now we have been striving to secure that our members will meet the highest professional standards preparatory to legislation. We have enforced the Alberta model in order to reach this goal. Our arrangements with Alberta for the examination process to be put in place have been completed. At the end of summer 2007 the first standardized Provincial Acupuncture Safety Course was conducted by visiting professionals from Alberta. In December of 2007 a further review of this and a point’s location boot camp were conducted. We feel our practitioners in the field and students alike have had a review and skills update second to none. In February of 2008 Heather Cameron, the Registrar for the profession in Alberta and Dr. David Chu, president of the Acupuncture examination committee of Alberta, will carry out an examination preparation. In May of 2008 the first provincial examination will be conducted under the auspices of visiting professionals from Alberta. Our province thus enters into a reciprocity agreement with Alberta, Quebec and British Columbia, affording our members a wonderful job mobility environment and great support. This process now in place will assure the preparedness of our professionals for “protecting the public” the very foundation of legislation. It will also see the beginning of new adventures and continuing networking with institutions such as The Workplace Health and Safety Commission.We are very proud of this arrangement and to be part of any initiative to establish National standards for Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture in Canada. In light of the Canada Labour Mobility Agreement pending for 2009, which will affect all professions, we feel that this to be a most positive step, one that we hope every province will take. Through such processes, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture can be practiced and received under a canopy of assurance, acknowledgement and acceptance and enjoy the respect this profession has toiled for and earned over thousands of years. We extend many thanks to Professor Cheung who has since our Chapter beginnings in 2003, has always taken time from his busy Ontario agenda to be part of our Newfoundland process. We see CMAAC as integral to our progress. Prof. Cheung, we recognize your hard work countrywide and we thank you all for always being there to support us. Health, happiness & prosperity to all in 2008

我們的中醫專業在紐芬蘭茁壯的成長使2007 年成為一個繁忙和扣人心弦的一年。與我們的衛生廳長Ross Wiseman的春節會談是有非常價值的; 衛生廳許諾2008 年期間專業立法。我們希望我們的政治推動為專業在紐芬蘭發展贏得新的動量。從早先報告大家已知道, 2005年在我們的省創立的3 年制的中醫針灸培訓節目。200711月我們目睹了十二名學生畢業。我們接受了這十二名新成員加入我們的學會。真是巨大新能量! 我們自豪地確信我們的新畢業生將推動專業達到一個新高度。幾年來我們一直在努力鞏固我們的會員們為立法達到最高的專業標準。為了達到這個目標,我們強制執行亞省模型,并與亞省協作完成了專業考試程序。在2007年夏天,從亞省拜訪的專家們考查了省制規範化的針刺安全手法課程。在同 年12月,我們舉辦了進一步回顧復習和加強培訓班。我們感覺到我們領域的持業者和學生們都加強了技術能力。2008 2月,亞省中醫專業登記管理員Heather Cameron女士, 和亞省針灸考試委員會會長Dr.David Chu, 將準備考試程序。明年 5月在來自亞省的專家將組織監督和舉辦第一次省考試。我們省份與亞省、魁北克和哥倫比亞省達成了相互工作協議,使得我們的會員們能夠流動到這些省份工作,并將獲得良好的工作環境和巨大支持。現在已到位的這個過程將保證我們的專業工作人員為"保護公眾"的立法奠定基礎。同時它也將是個新企業的起點,和與其它組織,如工作場所健康與安全委員會,繼續交流協助。我們為這個安排非常自豪;並且我們成為在加拿大為建立全國性中醫針灸標準的開創者。根據加拿大勞力流動性協議即將在2009 年生效, 此將影響所有行業, 我們認為這是最有效的步伐, 並且我們希望每個省將採取。通過這樣過程, 傳統中醫藥針灸可以被實踐並且接受在保證、承認和採納機蓋下;並且享受這個行業的尊敬和贏得數幾年所擁有的榮譽。我們向張金達教師致以衷心的感謝。 自2003 年我們的分會成立以來,張教授總從他繁忙的安省工作中抽出時間來協助我們的紐芬蘭工作。我們看見加拿大中醫藥針灸學會總部全力協助我們的工作進展。張金達教授, 我們認可您為加拿大全國範圍內的中醫針灸發展所出的杰出成績;並且我們感謝您全力支持我們。 祝大家新年健康,幸福和生意興隆!

NOVA SCOTIA CHAPTER-By Dr. Diana Tong Li, chapter president

First of all, I would like to congratulate the Province of 0ntario for their legislative success pertaining to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. For years our colleagues in Ontario have strived for successful legislation and as a result of considerable work, time and energy, especially under the guidance of Professor Cheung, the association has made great progress. Moreover, the Nova Scotia chapter will be able, under the head quarter’s instructions, in the near future to strive to achieve this goal also! The Canadian Acupuncture and Natural Medical College proudly sponsored training classes along with our Nova Scotia chapter, and invited renowned Chinese and US teachers of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to come and teach. It was especially exciting to host Dr. Huang Li and Dr. Huang Shih who flew in to Halifax to lecture, from the US Auricular Medicine International Research and Training Centre. Dr. Huang Li and Dr. Huang Shih have participated in this teaching for the last three years. The lectures had outstanding results and each student obtained a graduation certificate proving that they comprehensively have grasped the auricular medicine diagnosis and the method of treatment. The institute also has the students go to China and carry on the practice in provincially established Chinese medicine hospitals. The students received high praise, as a result of their specialized training and solid basic theoretical knowledge. In the past year, our province has seen an increase in newly immigrated Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture practitioners. It is estimated that by 2009, our provincial chapter will double its number of qualified Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture members. An increase in membership will be advantageous to launching legislation for Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture in our province.Finally, we thank once more the association’s president and wish our fellow colleagues a healthy, happy new year! 首先祝贺安大略省针灸和中医立法的成功。几十年来,安省同仁为争取立法的成功做了大量的工作,特别是在张金达会长带领下的协会,付出了大量的时间和精力。Nova Scotia省分会将会在总会的指导下,希望争取在不久的将来也能达到此目标! 加拿大针灸与自然医学院同我协会的Nova Scotia分会多次联合举办培训班,聘请中国和美国的著名中医针灸师前来授课。特别是国际耳医学研究培训中心的黄丽春医师和黄石定医师(Dr. Li-Chun Huang and Dr William Huang from Auricular Medicine International Research and Training Centre)每年从美国飞到Halifax 给学生上课,已经坚持授课3年。学员们都以优异的成绩获得结业证书,全面地掌握了耳医学的诊断和治疗方法。学院其中也有学生前往中国的省立中医院进行实习。学生以良好的专业素质,扎实的基础理论知识得到医院专家及指导老师的好评。在过去的一年中,我省新移民中的中医针灸师有所增加。估计到2009年,我省分会将发展多一倍的合格中医针灸师会员。会员的增多,将更有利于我省的针灸和中医立法工作的展开。最后,再次感谢张会长对我分会工作的支持并祝各位同仁在新的一年中健康,幸福!

Ottawa Liaison Office-By Dr George Cao

Ottawa is far away from the Head Office; therefore, most members could not participate in activities held by the Head Office; and the news was relatively unenlightening. This November of 2007, the Head Office arranged for us to listen to Transitional College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Registrar Ms. Emily Cheung’s lecture about the legislation matters in Brockville. Due to the critical timing and everyone’s vital interest, nearly all of the Ottawa members, as well as the other association’s members attended the lecture. We were extremely thankful to the Head Office’s concern to our matters, and would also like to thank Dr. Joanne Pritchard-Sobhani for providing such a wonderful meeting place. This gathering gave everyone the opportunity to speak freely about the progress and success of the organization over the past year and allowed all participants to realize the honour they have brought to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Moreover, this has expanded the influence of Chinese Medicine in society. For example, Dr. Guo Zhao Qi successively had ten papers published in the Chinese Ministry of Culture Chief Editor's books and periodicals, and was recognized as a distinguished expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. As a result of the Chinese medicine legislation progress, many new phenomena and synthesizes appeared, mainly in the following three aspects: (1) An unprecedented enhancement of the public’s trust in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, i.e. Dr.Hu Zhao Di ’s patients, due to her medical skills reputation, and curative treatments, even came for treatment from overseas. (2) More individuals are seeking Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture treatment (3) Insurance companies have become more accepting of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, to the extent that they now also accept our medical insurance claims. In summary, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture is obtaining the position in society that it deserves. We believe we what we experiencing today, are the results of the association president, Professor Chueng, and other committee members’ 25 years of persistence to overcome one difficulty on top of another and laboriously work to obtain positive change. In this, our Ottawa members express their heartfelt gratitude to Prof. Cheung and the rest of the committee members.渥太華辦公室主任蔡松蔭醫師報告 : 渥太華遠離總部,多數會員不能參加總部舉行的各種活動,消息相對閉塞。今年十一月總部安排我們到Brockville傾聽過渡管理院注冊官關張亮冰女士講解立法事宜。由於事關每個人的切身利益,渥太華會員及其他開業的專業人員幾乎全部到場,我們非常感謝總部對我們的關心,也謝謝Dr Joanne Pritchard-Sobhani提供場地。這次相聚過程中,大家有機會暢談過去一年里每個會員的進展,成功,體會到大家加入了弘揚中醫傳統文化擴大中醫的影響力。例如郭兆起醫師先後有十篇論文發表在中國文化部屬下傳統文化促進會主編的書刊中,並被評為傳統文化醫學名家。更由於中醫立法的進展,我們這里出現了許多新氣象新生機,綜合起來主要為以下三方面: (1) 公眾對中醫針灸的信任空前提高,例如胡兆棣醫師的病人對她的醫術譽為魔術般,醫治療效奇蹟,病員遠至海外。(2) 求救中醫針灸的病人人數明顯上升 (3) 各保險公司對中醫針灸的態度也大有轉變及認識,現在也接受我們的醫療保險。綜上所述,中醫針灸正在獲得應有的社會地位,我們一致認為,我們所以有今天,是由於張金達會長及委員們二十五年如一日堅持不渝,克服重重困難,辛苦耕耘所得的,在此,我們渥太華會員向張金達會長及委員們表示衷心感謝

Quebec Chapter-By Dr Gasan Askerow, Chapter President

Due to the particular situation in the province of Quebec, the chapter’s activities are at the stage of “wait and see”. I wish all members of CMAAC a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful, and Prosperous New Year. 由於在魁北克的特殊情況, 分會的活動是在等待階段和參見戰術. 我祝願所有加拿大中醫藥針灸學會的每一位成員愉快, 健康, 平安, 和興旺的新年。

SASKATCHEWAN CHAPTER-By Dr. Diana Zhang, Chapter President

On behalf of Saskatchewan Chapter, and myself I would like to extend our gratitude to Professor Cedric Cheung and CMAAC head office for continued support to the professional regulation in Ontario. Saskatchewan Chapter has kept very close contact and observation with its evolvements for many years, we are proud of this achievement. We’d like to express many thanks to President Cheung and to many others who persevered and endeavoured. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture has become a very desirable profession for many Canadians today, it is no longer a profession for Chinese immigrates or their dependency. We have a growing number of members in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture practitioners and Acupuncture practitioners in the Saskatchewan Chapter, many of whom have been trained in Canada by Chinese immigrants, their dependency, or their disciples. However, we must not forget it was the Chinese immigrants who brought our heritage to this country and carry out the traditional practice and the teachings with pride and dignity. Many older generations’ Chinese immigrants went through great difficulties to strive for the survival of our traditions and heritages. It has remained enacted through continued effort of many generations; today’s success has not come easily. We have all benefited from their hard work and kindness, and enjoy being in today’s position as a respected profession. I’d like to pay my respect and tribute to all our forefathers, older generation Chinese immigrates, and all the TCM teachers who practiced and taught Traditional Chinese Medicine to benefit Canadians. It is a very positive fact that some young Canadians are very much attracted by the long history of Chinese Culture and Tradition. They have chosen TCM to be their career, but also followed the traditional practice and its ethics , creating avery authentic practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am personally very pleased to see that many people, not limited by the Chinese people, have carried our Chinese tradition forward. My Best Wishes to all teachers and colleagues for a very successful New Year 2008!親愛的張金達教授和委員會委員們: 代表沙省分會和我自己, 我向張教授和其它委員會同行們致以我們的謝意,并敬佩您們多年不斷奮斗推動安省專業立法的精神。。沙省一直與總會保持非常接近的聯絡,並且目睹了安省立法的坎坷過程;我們為這個成就而驕傲。今天中醫藥針灸對加拿大公民來講成為了一個非常中意的行業;它不再是中國移民或他們附庸的行業。在沙省,我們有日益增長的成員, 大多數被加拿大中國移民和他們的子弟所訓練。但是, 我們不能忘記這是古老傳統醫學;我們以自豪和尊嚴來教育新一代。許多老一代中國移民爭我們的傳統醫學和遺產生存歷經巨大困難。今天的成果是由許多世代持續的努力一起獲得的; 今天成功是非常不容易的。我們從老一輩的堅苦工作和仁慈獲得了今天位置;中醫針灸成為了一個受尊敬的行業。向我們的祖先,老一代中國移民, 和所有中醫針灸的老師們,我表示我的衷心尊敬和感謝。一些年輕加拿大人被中國傳統文化和悠久的歷史所吸引。他們是不僅博學傳統中醫藥針灸理論所為他們的事業, 而且跟隨傳統實踐,概念和道德觀。他們跟隨著非常地道的中醫實踐和持業理論。我個人是非常喜悅看到, 許多加拿大公民, 不僅僅是中國移民, 推進了我們的中國傳統醫學。對所有老師和同事們,我衷心地祝願您們一個非常成功的新年!

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