2006 chapter report

2006 chapter report


This year marked a milestone as the College of TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists of BC celebrated their 10th Anniversary of their inception. With the numbers of membership and licensees increasing along with a good availability of education providers, the field of TCM and Acupuncture has a very strong and firm foundation in BC. There were also some changes from within the College’s administrative structure, most notably the August 14th appointment of a very familiar face within the Profession to the highly visible position of College Registrar: Dr. Mary Watterson. Some of our members may readily recognize Ms. Watterson through her involvement and work in the TCM community, her TCM regulatory advocacy and her long standing involvement in our profession. Her extensive background and experience in the field makes her well suited as College Registrar. We all wish her the best in her work in the years to come… As the year came to a close, we were closely following the developments of the Regulation Legislation in Ontario with excited anticipation. With the establishment and mandating of this regulating body, our society will be afforded with greater access to TCM and beneficial improvement to our overall health. Over the course of steady progress towards TCM Regulation across our country, one develops a sincere appreciation of the unwavering vision and determination brought to bear by Professor Cheung, the Board and all our members at the CMAAC. We look forward to the exciting and new developments in 2007. Best wishes to everyone - good health and a prosperous year! 2006年是畢詩省中醫針灸管理局成立十周年的紀念歷程碑。 隨著會員的增加,執照更多的頒發,和良好中醫教育課程的提供,畢詩的中醫發展興旺。中醫針灸管理局有了一些改動。 主要的變動是2006814日,Dr.Mary Watterson 被任命為管理局的注冊官。Dr. Watterson一直多年在中醫界辛勤工作, 無私地奉獻她的時間,為中醫針灸專業的發展作出了許多的貢獻。 她的教育背景和多年經驗使她適合這一重要的管理職務。 我們熱烈地祝賀她的命任, 祝願她的工作一切順利。2006年中, 我們一直關切地注視安大略省中醫專業立法的進展和成功。 隨著中醫立法的全國性的建立, 社會公民會極大地使用傳統古老醫學,同時會更好地提高加拿大醫療健康體系的服務質量。加拿大全國性中醫立法的逐漸穩步發展, 使我們深深地感激張金達會長, 委員會委員們,和全體會員們不畏艱難,艱苦奮斗的精神。 我們展望未來, 新的一年將帶給我們更多的好成就。祝願大家新年身體健康,萬事如意!


There are two enquires from mainland China regarding to join CMAAC as members before migrating to Canada. Information had been passed to applicants and they will apply direct to CMAAC Head Office. Three speeches have been carried out to Rotary Club and Catholic Church center, on behalf of CMAAC. Response and comment were good and was asked to organize regular free medicine consultancy for the poor. Dr. Lee will consider the possibility on how to make it happen and immediate problem is how to recruit sufficient manpower to do this job. Up to 30th October 06, there were 5268 Registered Chinese Medicine practitioners and 2897 Listed Chinese Medicine practitioners. With effect from 1st December 2006, only RCMPs are authorized to issue sick leave certificate to patients, according to the degree of sicknesses. It is obviously a big step for practitioners being recognized and respected in Hong Kong. However, for those Listed CMPs, they are very upset and disagree with what the authority decided. It happens that patients will turn to RCMPs instead of them, will cause a certain decline of business. It is noticed that more people in Hong Kong is favourable to use Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, which appears that younger generation having the confidence and support by their hiring firms to use medical insurance cards for Chinese Medicine and acupuncture treatment.2006年, 在香港分會有幾個來自大陸的咨詢,就有關在移居到加拿大之前加入加拿大中醫藥針灸學會。 我們將有關入會要求和程序通知到申請人員, 并告訴他們直接與學會總部聯係和報名。 為國際扶輪會和羅馬天主中心會,代表加拿大中醫藥學會我們組織了三次學術講演。學術講演受到的熱烈的歡迎和好評,并邀請我們為窮人舉辦免費醫療咨詢。 分會會長在考慮如何幫助和組織活動,考慮到人力和財力是目前的主要任務以開展慈善活動。 20061030日, 已有5268名注冊登記的中醫持業者, 和2897名列名的中醫持業者。 2006121日起, 規定只有注冊登記的中醫持業者有權利,根據病人的病癥程度,簽發病假。 在香港,這是非常重要的進展,提高中醫持業者的社會地位和威望。 但是,只列名的中醫持業者不同意這一決定, 擔心病人會轉到注冊登記的中醫持業者看病,影響中醫針灸生意。在香港, 越多的公民選用傳統中醫藥針灸治療病癥。 年輕的一代對中醫充滿了信心,使用公司醫療保險卡尋求中醫針灸治療。 中醫發展興隆。


In 2006, with the support and guidance of CMAAC, and with the cooperation of the members of the Manitoba Chapter, we have accomplished a lot of work.

1. In order to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in the province of Manitoba, we have continued our efforts to influence the community about all the aspects of TCM and Acupuncture. Following the current North American trend towards natural health remedies, more and more citizens have been changing their concept of health care. People are more interested in acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, natural food and herbs than they were in the past. The provincial government has also started to recognize the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture with Western Medicine. This TCM/Acupuncture recognition has helped enhance the process of the regulation, and improve the Canadian health system.

2. We have been active in lecturing the public about TCM/Acupuncture, increasing the awareness of this traditional medicine. Our Chapter has been interviewed by the local radio and TV station five times over the past year. This publicity had a positive response and great influence on the society.

3. Through efforts of the Manitoba Chapter, and advertisement and promotion of the profession, insurance companies have started to provide more insurance coverage for the treatment of acupuncture by Chapter members. As a result of increased insurance coverage, more patients came to the TCM/Acupuncture clinic to seek the treatment.

4. In July of 2006, the CMAAC head office hosted the 23rd Anniversary Celebration, which was attended by our Chapter President. Strategies and policies for each provincial Chapter were laid out in speeches during the celebration. The Manitoba Chapter has worked hard over the past six months to follow the advice of the CMAAC head office, and has requested that our members continuously study the profession, and diligently improve our service quality.

We have set new goals for the New Year of 2007:

1. Continuous contact with local government departments; therefore, the legislation of TCM/Acupuncture can be promoted in a mutual understanding relationship.

2. Lecture on TCM/Acupuncture, build a strong foundation for the profession, and create positive impact on the society.

3. Encourage qualified practitioners to join the Association.



2006 has been a fairly quiet year regarding political progress for the profession in Newfoundland. However, there are undercurrents that clearly outline that new adventures are to be experienced. As you know from previous reports, 2005 saw the establishment of the three-year Acupuncture program in our province & 2007 will witness the first twelve graduates. We are fully confident that our new graduates will give some further momentum to our efforts towards regulation as our numbers of practitioners in the province and our association membership will increase. Late 2005 to early 2006 we had government acknowledgement of the need to regulate, with promise of a timeline to be established early in the New Year of 2006. This did not happen. We have yet another new Health minister and our momentum was clearly slowed down with that change. It appears that each new ministry has a new prioritized agenda and takes a different stance on the requirement for our regulation. Each change requires repetition of efforts that were made long ago. We are however not daunted we will continue our pursuits towards regulation of the profession and all that it stands for and hope that we will follow on the heels of Ontario with success ahead. As reported last year, we have networked with Alberta Dept. of Health and Wellness, Dept. of Acupuncture and Midwives to host the administration of their acupuncture licensure examination here in Newfoundland. We are very proud of this arrangement and to be part of any initiative to establish National standards for Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture in Canada. This serves as well, to allay any public concerns with regard to educational standards for entry to practice. We are trusting that the end result will be that the profession will flourish in our province. Also, our professionals can then offer Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture under a canopy of assurance, acknowledgement and acceptance and enjoy the respect this profession has toiled for and earned over thousands of years. We expect to host the first examination in late 2007. We invite all of Atlantic Canada to participate. e extend many thanks to Professor Cheung who took time from his busy Ontario agenda to be part of a teleconference meeting with our new Health Minister Mr. Thomas Osborne. We are left with business arising & new ideas. We see CMAAC as integral to our progress. We recognize your hard work countrywide and we thank you all for always being there to support us. Health, happiness & prosperity to all in 2007 2006年就新西蘭省政府中醫專業立法進展方面,是一個相當平靜的一年。 不過, 平靜的海面藏有激浪, 象征著新的挑戰即將來臨。 在2005年的總結報告中, 我們以告知大家新西蘭省所成立的三年制針灸教學課程。 2007年將有12名學員畢業。 我們對我們的畢業生擁有巨大自信。 他們將擴大我們中醫專業的隊伍, 增加新的力量,協助我們實現立法工作。 2005年底到2006年初, 我們取得省政府的許諾, 將于2006年著手辦理專業立法程序。 但是這沒有實現。 省政府新的選舉產生了新的衛生部部長。 我們的目標明顯的推延。 每一個新政府有它自己工作程序, 具有不同立法要求和觀點看法。 所以每一次都要求我們重復我們早已作過的努力。 盡管面對這些困難, 我們不會放棄我們的目標, 將不斷地努力奮斗。 我們堅信安大略省立法成功將帶給我們巨大的希望。 在2005年, 我們已經于亞省健康保健, 針灸和助產士部門聯合一起組織有關針灸執照考試事宜。 我們對此活動非常自豪, 因為我們為加拿大傳統中醫藥針灸專業建立國家性統一標準。 同時, 這一活動能夠緩解來自社會的關注, 保證教育標準來衡量針灸開業。 我們相信中醫針灸專業在我們省份會開花結果; 同時中醫界同行們將繼續發揚中醫精神, 使社會更多公民理解這一古老的醫學。 我們預計2007年底舉辦第一次考試, 并熱情地邀請加拿大大西洋各省份人員參加。在此, 我們向張金達教授表示衷心的感謝, 感謝張教授從他繁忙的工作中抽出時間參加了我們與新衛生部部長Thomas先生的電話討論會。加拿大中醫藥針灸學會總部一直不斷支持各大分會組織。 我們向全體學會會員問候,祝願新年順利,萬事如意。


First of all, on behalf of the members of Novo Scotia Chapter, I would like to sincerely congratulate all those that made the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Regulation finally came to reality in Ontario. Professor Cedric Cheung and his colleagues have made tremendous contributions to the regulation of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture through their effort over the past twenty three years. In the mean time, the success of the Ontario province will no doubt facilitate the progress of Profession Regulation in other provinces. In Nova Scotia, we met with government officials in the health department in the beginning of 2006 to formally discuss our provincial legislation process. They recognized the importance of regulation, and realized the results will assure citizens’ safety while receiving treatment. Under the support and guidance of Prof. Cheung, the Regulation of the Profession in our province will continue progressing, and we will persist in working towards to our ultimate goal. In the past year, in order to improve our professional acupuncture treatment skills, we have invited a couple of specialists to give lectures, including the well-known doctor Zhang Ji Professor. Prof. Zhang came to our province to lecture on the techniques of the twenty four single acupuncture points and other advance methods. He also used his valuable experience and clinical expertise to discuss how to use those methods in the clinical setting. The lecture was well received by the acupuncture practitioners and students. It is fortunate for all of us to have this opportunity to learn this unforgettable lesson. Also, Dr. Bin Jiang Wu, the dean of Ontario College of Chinese Medicine College, came to Nova Scotia to lecture on “Wu’s Head Message”. Additionally, the auricular specialist Dr. Li Cun Huang came to lecture on auricular diagnosis and treatment for a couple of times. 2006 is a harvest year to us because we have successfully treated many cases of infertility. We also presented our paper regarding treating infertility at the third International Traditional Medicine Conference. Entitled “Acupuncture Treatment Has Been Recognized by Western Medicine” was published as the front page in the provincial newspaper. In the article, it delivered the successful cases of acupuncture treatment in our clinics. At the same time, it stated the effectiveness and purpose of the acupuncture. Obviously, the report has improved our image and reputation in the public. In the New Year, our Chapter will continue working towards to our goal. We express our deep appreciation to Prof. Cheung, other Chapter presidents and Board of the Directors for their endless support. We wish for a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2007 to all of you!

首先我代表N.S.省祝贺安省中医立法成功实现了。这是张金达会长及同仁经过长达23年艰难奋斗的结晶。这对于其他省的立法进程是一个极大的促进。我省在2006年初已经与省卫生厅的负责官员进行了第一轮的正式会谈。他们对于针灸立法也很重视,这是对大众健康和安全的最大保证。我坚信在张金达会长的大力支持下,N.S.省的立法进程会顺利进行,我们也将会为这个目标不断奋斗。在过去的一年中,我们为提高我省的针灸水准,特地邀请了不同的专家教授前来授课。其中有中国国家级专家张缙教授前来我省传授二十四式单式针刺手法及高级针刺手法。张缙教授运用亲身经历及生动的诊疗典例,论述了针刺手法在临床上的运用及重要性,使听课的针灸医生与针灸系学员深受教益。这样一个能够得到名师的口传亲授、耳提面命的机会对于到场听课的每一个人都是非常难得的。还有加拿大安大略省中医学院院长吴滨江教授也前来传授吴式头部推拿手法。另外,世界著名的耳针专家黄丽春医生也多次来传授耳穴诊断与耳针治疗。 2006年对于我们来说也是丰收的一年,在这一年里我们成功地治疗了许多例不孕症患者,并且在第三届国际传统医药大会上做了对研究治疗不孕症的论文的陈述。我省发行量最大的报纸也以《针灸已在医疗界获得更多的承认》为标题整版篇幅地报道了我们诊所的成功案例,并阐述了针灸的功能与疗效。这对于当地针灸的宣传与普及起到了极大的促进作用。展望2007年,为了弘扬中华传统医学,为了我省的立法进程,我们将竭尽全力向目标不断奋斗。再次感谢张会长与同仁对NS省工作所给予的大力支持。祝大家在新的一年里身体健康,工作顺利!


The mandate that we had for 2006 was to be more present and visible in the eyes of the insurance companies and other health professional associations in NB. In July 2006, several member of the NB Chapter met with the Providers of Medavie Blue Cross. The meeting was a success as relationships were established. We are now invited to participate in meetings to discuss major decisions. To our surprise, the meeting attendees had never been in contact with a TCM practitioner in the past, therefore several questions arose from the meeting. Questions as simple as what type of disposable needles are used to different types of diagnostic methods. During the meeting, we also asked them to be recognized as a prime provider for the care of the Veterans’ Affairs. We are still awaiting the answer, but we are hopeful. The association met for our yearly meeting in August 2006 to discuss our future. Many discussions were held concerning the Bill 50. Our biggest concern is the Bill 50. Our reality in NB is not the same as in Ontario. We are 22 TCM practitioners with a population of 800,000, a significant difference with Ontario. We do not know how to address the issue. All suggestions and recommendation would be appreciated from all other Canadian Chapters.

2006 年的主要工作目標是在保險公司和其他醫療保健工作人員中提高中醫針灸專業的可見度和知名度。 20067月, NB 分會的几位會員與藍色十字保險公司會面。 會議建立了良好的會員關係, 我們被邀請到會議上討論重要的問題。 我們很驚訝參加會議的人員從來沒有與中醫界持業人員有關接觸,所以會議中他們提出了一些疑問。 問題如如何選用合適類型的一次性使用針灸應用於不同的診斷病症。 在會議上, 我們同時要求藍色十字保險公司向退伍軍人提供針灸保險。 目前, 我們還在等待保險公司的決定。學會分會年例會議在20068月舉行, 討論中醫發展和前途。 許多的探討涉及到50號議案。 在New Brunswick 省, 中醫現狀與安大略省絕然不同。 人口80萬的省份只有二十二名中醫持業者,我們希望其他省份分會參與討論, 提供寶貴建議和改進措施。


On behalf of Saskatchewan Chapter, and myself I would like to extend our congratulations to Professor Cedric Cheung and CMAAC for leading the profession to achieve its regulation in Ontario. Saskatchewan Chapter has kept very close contact and observation with its evolvements for many years, we are proud of this achievement. We’d like to express many thanks to President Cheung and to many others who persevered and endeavored. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture has become a very desirable profession for many Canadians today, it is no longer a profession for the Chinese immigrations or their dependency. However, we must not forget it is the Chinese immigrates who brought our heritage to this country and carry out the traditional practice and the teachings with pride and dignity. Many of older generations’ Chinese immigrates went through great difficulties to strive for survival of our traditions and heritages. It has come together by continued effort of many generations; today’s success has not come easily. We have a benefit from their hard work and kindness of being in today’s position as a respected profession. I’d like to pay my respect and tribute to all our forefathers, older generation Chinese immigrates, and all the TCM teachers who practiced and thought Traditional Chinese Medicine to benefit Canadians. Saskatchewan Chapter has more practitioners who were trained by Chinese Immigrates at their established schools in Canada than those were trained in China. This has all happened in the past 5-6 years. Some of them have practiced TCM as a regular setting as western style in a Chinese person’s eyes. It is a very positive fact that some young Canadians are very much attracted by the long history of Chinese Culture and Tradition. They are not only learned TCM to be their career, but also followed the traditional practice and its ethics. In this contact, they have followed very authentic practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am personally very pleased to see that our tradition is not going to be lost. My Best Wishes to all teachers and colleagues for a very successful New Year 2007! 代表沙省分會全體學員和我自己, 衷心地向張金達會長和學會總部熱烈祝賀中醫專業立法在安大略省的最終實現。 沙省與學會總部密切聯係,目睹了數十年立法奮斗歷程; 我們為此而自豪。 同時, 我們為張金達會長和其他許多同行不畏艱難的精神表示傾佩和崇拜。 傳統中醫藥針灸已成為加拿大公民所想要的專業,已不再是中國移民的職業或依靠。 但是, 我們不能忘記的事實 – 中國移民將這個傳統醫學帶到加拿大, 并在這里發展。 老一輩中國移民歷經辛苦, 發揚中國這一古老繼承物。 今天的中醫發展和豐碩成果是與老一輩的努力分不開的。 我們所得到的社會地位和承認也是由于他們的善良和勤奮一生。 在此, 我向中醫界的老前輩, 老移民和所有中醫教師致以崇高的敬意。 沙省在過去的五到六年中, 比較中國培訓出來的中醫人員, 產生了越來越多的加拿大中國移民所培訓出來的中醫專業人員。 在中國人的眼里, 中醫行醫已經成為西方醫學的一個組成部分。 我們非常高興地看到加拿大年輕一代對中國古老傳統文化越來越感興趣。 他們不僅學習中醫作為他們的職業,而且遵守傳統專業的規範和醫療道德。 中醫傳統在此得以發揚光大。 我衷心地祝願所有中醫界教師和同仁們新年一切順利,心想事成。

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