2005 Chapter Reports

NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR CHAPTER - By Dr. Ethne Munden, chapter president

As 2005 draws to a close, we can look ahead to many exciting things on the horizon. In 2005, we saw the establishment of a three-year Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture diploma program at Compu-College of Newfoundland. This program follows the model of Grant McEwan College in Edmonton Alberta. There are fourteen students just at the end of their first year and twelve more have just entered the program.

The establishment of the program has given some momentum to our efforts towards regulation as our numbers of practitioners in the province and our association membership will increase. We have recently had an acknowledgement of the need to regulate, with a promise that a timeline will be established early in the New Year. We look forward early in the New Year to some networking between Professor Cheung and Mr. Ross Wiseman, our provincial advisor to the Premier. For some time now we have been communicating with Alberta Department of Health and Wellness, Department of Acupuncture and Midwives regarding their provincial licensure examination. Most recently we have had an assurance from Dr. Chu who is head of the examination committee that we can avail of their examination here in Newfoundland and they will come to administer it. As a result we will share the label reciprocity agreement that now exists between British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec. We plan to time the first examination to suit the first graduating class from the College here, which is in December of 2007. We are very proud of this arrangement as to be part of an initiative to establish national standards for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Canada. This serves as well, to allay any public concerns with regard to educational standards for entry to practice. We are trusting that the end result will be that the profession will flourish in our province. Our professionals can then offer Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture under a canopy of assurance, acknowledgement and acceptance and enjoy the respect this profession has toiled for and earned over thousands of years.

As always, we give thanks most especially to Professor Cheung, all of the members of the Board of Directors of CMAAC, and their support staff who are forever present to help solve our problems as they arise. Without the CMAAC, we would not have footsteps to follow. You have been undaunted in your Ontario efforts. Congratulations one and all. We will keep you posted on our progress. We wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. 2005年即將結束,我們回憶過去,展望未來;我們期待者許多令人興奮的事件來臨。 2005年, 紐芬蘭Compu-College 設立了三年制傳統中醫藥針灸課程專科學習辦。 這個專科課程是根據亞省Edmonton Grant McEwan 大學的模式所設計的。已有十四名學生完成了他們第一年的學習;還有十二名學生剛剛被錄取。傳統中醫專科課程的建立對中醫立法起到了很好的促進作用,因為我們省中醫持業者和紐芬蘭分會會員人數將會增加。 我們最近得到有關中醫立法的承認和許諾,並且有了時間期限﹕新年早期將開始著手辦理。 我們極大盼望在新的一年,張金達教授和我們省總理顧問Ross Wiseman 先生將有溝通, 為本省立法與政府協商。我們已經與亞省健康保健衛生廳針灸和助產士部門商討有關亞省執照考試。最近我們得到考試委員會會長Chu 醫師的許諾﹕我們可以在紐芬蘭省用他們提供的考試題,委員會可派人來監考。 這樣一來, 我們省分就可以享受畢詩省, 亞省和克北克省同樣的待遇。 我們計劃第一次執照考試的時間為200712月當第一批中醫專科學生畢業。建立全加拿大式傳統中醫藥針灸專業的統一教育標準是我們的奮斗目標;我們為我們所取得的成績而自豪。 同時, 執照考試安排能夠減低社會民眾對中醫持業者的合格性的擔憂。我們堅信中醫專業將在本省生根開花。 中醫界同仁將為傳統中醫專業奠定堅固的基礎, 贏得社會承認和尊敬。一如既往, 我們向張金達教授,學會委員們和同仁們致以崇高的感謝。 無論何時, 當我們遇到困難, 你們總是熱心地幫助我們解決問題。 沒有學會總部的指導, 我們將失掉前進方向。 安大略省不畏艱難, 立法近在眼前;我們在此衷心地祝賀你們! 我們將及時匯報本省立法的進展。 祝大家新年順利,萬事如意!

HONG KONG CHAPTER -By Dr. Philip Chau Ping Lee, chapter president

It looks like Chinese Medicine is getting favourable, especially by younger generation, and welcomed in Hong Kong, more people is willing to take Chinese medicine instead of western one. According to the patients, they are interested in taking instant powder-form Chinese medicine instead to cook raw herbs. It happens that they don’t have time to cook the medicine due to daily busy schedules. Besides, some patients required taking the medicine 2 to 3 times daily and instant powder-form is more suitable and convenient. In view of the larger demand of TCM practitioners in Hong Kong, as well as the status being recognized, the number of practitioners has been raised to 5133 and 2963, registered and listed Chinese Medicine Practitioners respectively. It is anticipated that more will come, after graduated from both Baptist and Chinese Universities of Hong Kong. It is interested to know that less than 2 years, after registration of TCM practitioners, there are 930 complaints regarding to their signboards, conduct and morale, advertising and others. On top, a small number of practitioners are still running their risks, to run their clinic without registration, some of them even claimed that the authority do not have the skill-set and qualification to examine and audit their medical background! The HK Chapter has jointly organized with Society of St. Vincent De Paul, a Catholic organization in Hong Kong on 9th April to run a talk in “Stroke and Acupuncture”. Professor Suen Wai Zhu of Chinese University of HK has kindly agreed to participate in giving the public a talk of the above subject, a total 350 people attended. On 26th June, a talk on the caring of Cervical Vertebrae was also given to 43 members of Society of St. Vincent De Paul. The HK Chapter would like to take this opportunity to wishing every member of CMAAC a Happy Chinese New Year. 在香港,公民越來越重視傳統中醫藥針灸,特別是年輕一代很喜愛中醫療法;更多的民眾選擇中醫療法替代西醫。 根據調查,病人非常感興趣使用中藥藥粉替代煮生中藥根。 原因是大家工作繁忙,沒有時間煮藥。此外,一些病人需要服用中藥一日二到三次, 中藥藥粉為這些病人提供了極大的方便使用。香港急需大量的傳統中醫藥針灸醫師,和中醫醫師的地位已經被政府和民眾承認,因此今年政府登記中醫醫師人數增加到5133,注冊記錄中醫醫師人數增加到2963。 一旦基督大學和香港中國大學中醫學生畢業,登記人數還會增加。 在傳統中醫藥針灸注冊管理二年來,近達930次有關中醫持業者的職業行為,醫療道德,行業標牌和廣告宣傳等有關事宜的抱怨和控訴。 但是,還是有少數人不聽從政府的管理,不登記持業執照而開業;甚至某些人宣揚管理機構沒有能力手段和資格檢查他們的醫學背景。四月九日,香港分會與天主溫慈教會聯合舉辦了“中風和針灸”的講座會。 香港中醫大學的Suen Wai Zhu 教授應邀參加了講座會,並發表了講演;將近三百五十人參加了講座會。 六月二十六日,向四十三名天主溫慈教會成員發表了有關頸椎保護的講座。


First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Prof. Cheung and the colleagues in Ontario. In 2005, all of you have made the greatest success for the regulation of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. The dream has become a reality due to your diligent work for over twenty years. In the past year, the members of Nova Scotia chapter participated many activities, and contributed their time and energy for the general public. We went to the Medicine College to give lectures on TCM/Acupuncture, and visited the nursing homes, communities, and local libraries to introduce our profession. We strongly believe that the traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture will be more recognized and accepted by the citizens. While the two local clinics I worked, we have treated fifteen women with infertility. Gynecologists in the hospital have built work cooperation and relationship with us; together we provided treatment for infertile women. In the mean time, we have treated allergies, pain symptoms, depression, and obtained good and effective results. We have gained good reputation in the local’s areas, and more and more family doctors have recommended their patients to seek TCM/Acupuncture treatment. The members of Chapter have also attended other continuing education seminars and meeting s to learn about ear acupoints and head acupuncture treatment. In September of 2005, the Canada College of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine in Halifax have opened its four-year diploma program on the traditional medicine and acupuncture to the public. We will regularly invite experienced educators from overseas to teach our students, and we highly suggest our members of the Chapter come to attend lectures to improve their professional knowledge and technical skills. When those students graduates from the College, it definitely strengths our profession team, assures the safety of our patients, and improves the quality of the health. With Prof. Cheung’s continual guidance, we remain our faith to our responsibilities to the patients and to our profession. We wish for a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2006. 在此迎春之际,我很荣幸地代表NS省分会局张金达會长和安省的同仁表示衷心的祝贺。2005年你们在传统中医药针灸立法的进程中取得巨大的成就,这是你们二十多年来努力奋斗的结晶。这些将促进其它省份在传统中医药和针灸在加国的合法性和普及。 在过去的一年里,NS省分会的会员积极地参加各种社会活动,无私地贡献时间和精力给当地的人民,去医学院讲解中医和针灸,经常被邀请到老人院,各個健康团体,图书馆去介绍传统中医。我们坚信在我们的共同努力下,中医和针灸将会被越来越多的人民接受。在我所工作的二个当地诊所中,已成功的治好15位不孕症妇女。妇科专科医生与我们诊所及分会建立了合作关系,双方共同努力服务更多的不孕症患者。同时我们在治疗过敏症,各种痛症,压郁症等多种病症都有很好的疗效,在当地享有很好的声誉。越来越多的医生推荐病人接受针灸中医治疗。分会会员也积极地参加各种耳针和头部疗法提高班。在2005年9月份,加拿大针灸和自然医学院(Halifax市)4年制中医针灸师文凭课程正式开学授课,我们将定期从国内外聘请富有经验的医生来给学生授课,及鼓励分会会员前来听课提高业务水平。力求为当地培养一批合格的中医针灸师,让更多的加国人民从这种古老的医疗方式中受益。学生毕业后将成为我们分会的主力和促进者,其影响力将是长远性的!回溯我们的进步,离不开张金达會长和學会其他前辈们的关怀和指导,更希望未来总会在NS省的针灸中医立法工作中给予更多的帮助, 我衷心的祝全体同仁身体健康事事如意


BRITISH COLUMBIA CHAPTER- By Dr. Dana Mah, chapter president

Dear Professor Cheung and our esteemed colleagues with the CMAAC, 2005 was a year of interesting developments and progress in the TCM Profession. Our branch participated in the Natural Health Products Directorate seminars in February introducing and outlining the Natural Health Product Guidance Documents. These documents provide those involved in the manufacturing or distribution of Natural Health Products inclusive guidelines that aid in clarifying the Natural Product Regulations, these guidelines covered a number of issues (including Adverse Reaction Reporting) that are of significant importance to Practitioners as some may utilize processed materials as part of their practice. This will aid in ensuring the overall safety for both Practitioner and the General Public. We were also contacted by an environmental organization to participate in a Survey on the use of materials extracted or derived from threatened or endangered species in our practices. On the regulation milieu, there have been a number of significant events indicating steady and sure progress. The College conducted their first series of Examinations for the Doctor of TCM License in late May. Not long afterwards, a review program was announced in June. This program was to assess and evaluate volunteer TCM Schools on four key areas in granting public recognition to the schools that meet the minimum standards. The four areas include: Curriculum and Program Content, Program of Study and Compliance to College By-Law requirements, Governance and Admission and Institutional Processes. The aim is to improve the quality of TCM education and resulting good educational environment through these educational standards. In October, the BC Court of Appeal overturned the ruling favouring the College over the issue of the termination of the former Registrar and has suggested the limited reinstatement to provide resolution through a natural justice hearing as set by both parties. The Board will make a determination in the New Year. With this, it is hoped that all parties will be satisfied with the natural conclusion to this matter and energies can be focussed towards the horizon. In December, the present Chair of the College, Mr. Mason Loh, will be stepping down from his posting as his term will expire at year's end. During his term, he has made significant contributions for the College, which has helped in establishing and maintaining a good reputation through standards of practice and conduct. We sincerely wish him great success in his next endeavour. We have noted with great pleasure, and quiet anticipation, the announcement by the Provincial Government of Ontario of their intentions to establish a Professional Regulatory College for TCM and Acupuncture. With the establishment of this body, it will provide our Profession with greater momentum and encouragement to those working towards the same goal in other jurisdictions. It is with great hope that this becomes reality in the very near future. Without the presence, participation and support of Professor Cheung and all members of the CMAAC, our Profession would not be where it stands at the present time. Our deepest appreciation goes out to you all. We send Professor Cheung and our esteemed CMAAC colleagues our best regards and sincere wishes for good health, a good practice and a great Year in 2006 from your colleagues in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. Cheers,

2005對畢詩省,是傳統中醫進一步發展和進步的一年。我們分會參加了20052月自然健康保健藥品委員會舉辦的有關宣傳自然健康保健藥品使用指導大綱的討論會。 這些文件大綱提供了產家和推銷家有關使用說明,以幫助自然健康藥品立法管理,及有關事宜包括不良反應報告系統;這對持業者們是非常重要的,因為他們一部分人可能應用有關藥品治療病人。 立法管理自然保健藥品能夠保障持業者和公眾的安全。 同時, 環境保護組織與我們聯係,進行有關中醫使用或提取瀕臨滅亡的動物的調查。 2005年几個重點的事件發生,代表了傳統中醫藥針灸的立法發展的穩定性。 去年5月份,立法管理院舉辦了第一批傳統中醫醫師的系列考試。 接下來6月份,一個考察計劃設立,來檢查傳統中醫藥教育學校的合格標準。 檢查包括四個方面﹕教學課程設計和內容, 課程學習和立法管理尊從條例,政府管理,入學標準和學院程序。 其宗旨為提高傳統中醫藥針灸教學的質量,以及通過合格的教育標準到達良好的教育環境。10月份,畢詩省上級法院推翻了就有關管理院停止前任注冊官的工作的事宜,並建議兩方人事協商討論,產生一個合理的解決辦法。 委員會將在新年做出結論。 希望各方人事能夠對結論滿意,將精力集中在管理中醫事宜上。12月份, 中醫管理院主席Mason Loh 先生將離開管理院,他的工作合同已到期。 Mason Loh 先生在任期時間,兢兢業業, 建立持業標準和行為規範, 保持管理院良好的聲譽,為管理院管理做出了巨大的貢獻。 我們祝願他前途無量。 我們以巨大的歡欣,聽到安大略省政府宣布有關建立傳統中醫藥針灸管理院的意圖。 安省中醫進展,和管理院的即將設立,將成為中醫專業的歷史里程碑,並鼓舞其它省份的中醫同仁們為這一目標而奮斗。 我們急切地期待安省的最終勝利消息。沒有張金達教授的指導和全體會員的努力, 我們無法想象中醫專業有今天的成果。 我們向大家表示衷心的敬意。祝愿大家新年快樂,身體健康,事業發達!

MANITOBA CHAPTER - By Dr. Lin Liu – chapter president

Under the guidance and support of General Association, Manitoba Chapter has made some progress in its performance over the last year. With the approach of the New Year, I would like to present the following report so that we might make even greater achievement in the year to come. I. We take positive measures to recruit new members of CMAAC in order to disseminate Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Chinese Culture. The members have a solid foundation in TCM knowledge and are very skilful. As a result, the effect of treatment can be very satisfactory and TCM has won great evaluation and praise from the patients, which, in turn, accelerates the spread and dissemination of TCM in the province of Manitoba. II. Currently we are striving to get government support, making necessary preparation for the legislation of TCM. To this end, we have held several lectures, introducing the principles and effects of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. In doing so, we attempt to make people understand that Chinese medicine and acupuncture not only can relieve pain but may also achieve peculiar result for other diseases, some of which could seem incurable to western medicine. At present, we are organizing people who are in favour of TCM to appeal to the government for accepting TCM.III. as Chinese medicine and acupuncture are admitted by increasingly more local people, more and more insurance companies agree to reimburse such fees for the patients. In addition, some insurance companies begin to accept acupressure. IV. Under the support, we make great effort to strengthen self-discipline within our trade, and improve our service quality with the view to earning even more people’s understanding of TCM. We hold firm conviction that with the guidance and support of General Association, our chapter will achieve even better performance in the coming New Year by means of united effort and reviewing former experience.在总会、总部的指导和帮助下,蒙尼托巴省分会的工作在过去的一年内取得一定进展。在新的一年即将来临之际,我谨把分会的工作做如下汇报,以便将来能取得更大的成绩。





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