Application Procedure and Requirements

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada!  Please review the following information and complete the application form at the bottom of this page. 

To become a member of CMAAC, you must meet the following criteria:

A. In a province where acupuncture and/or TCM is regulated (BC, Alberta, Ontario, Newfoundland, and Quebec):

  • you must be a current REGISTERED member of a regulatory body (College) in your residing province
  • complete AT LEAST a three years of post-graduate studies (preferrably a general science or health-related program)

B. In a province where acupuncture and/or TCM is NOT regulated:

  • completed AT LEAST three years of post-graduate studies (preferrably a general science degree or health-related program)
  • completed AT LEAST a 3 year acupuncture/traditional Chinese medicine course that equals AT LEAST 2700 Lecture Hours and 500 Clinical Hours
  • be a Canadian citizen OR have Landed Immigrant Status  (You must provide proof of your landed immigrant status when you submit your CMAAC application)

If you meet the above criteria, please download the CMAAC Membership Application Form, along with the signed Code of Ethics.  Fill in the application, sign the Code of Ethics, and prepare the following items to be submitted along with the application:

  • $350 fee cheque or money order (=application feee plus first year membership fee)
  • 2 passport size photographs signed by Guarantor
  • Copies of all credentials (Academic and Clinical)
  • Copy of Educational Transcripts
  • 2 letters of reference

Contact the CMAAC Chapter President or Liaison Officer in your area of your intent to apply as a CMAAC member BEFORE submitting by mail your application to CMAAC Head Office. 

**Only applications from qualified professionals will be considered.
**Completion of an oral, written, or practical examination may be required in addition to the presentation of credentials.
**Successful applicants will receive a membership certificate.
**Income tax receipts will be issued for successful applicants.

Important Documents:


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